2018 Storage Crops

**UPDATE: the order deadline has passed for bulk storage vegetables. Some of the produce is sold out, but there are a few things still available. If you’d like some of the bulk produce, fill in the form below, and I’ll do what I can to fill your order.

This is your opportunity to stock up on some delicious, organically-grown crops for the fall & winter! These crops can be stored for weeks or months, to round out your meals with high-quality nourishment. Orders are due by noon on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018.

Check this blog post for some storage tips.

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Pickup Location *
Storage produce will be available for pickup on the Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday October 4 to Saturday October 6).
Payment method *
Payments are due at the time of ordering (by etransfer) or by cheque (at the time of ordering or pickup).
Store in a cool place (below 10C), in the dark, and in a relatively humid place (eg, a cool root cellar). Potatoes are also available in 50 pound quantities, with a lesser price per pound. Comment at the bottom of the form if you'd like larger quantities.
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes keep very well in the house. Ideal storage temperature is slightly below room temperature, darkness is preferred, and normal household humidity.
Squash will be measured by the half-bushel box; the numbers below correspond to approximately how many of each type will be in a half-bushel. The squash are listed from longest storage capacity to shortest storage life (in general). The numbers in brackets correspond to the approximate number of squash per 1/2-bushel.
Red beets are medium & large; most of the candy cane beets are large
Per half-bushel (6 - 10 heads, depending on size); keep in the fridge, wrapped in a sheet of newspaper inside a vented bag
Onions are also available in 25 pound and 50 pound quantities. Comment at the bottom of the form if you'd like quantities larger than 10 pounds.
Leeks freeze well: simply slice thinly, package, and freeze for winter soups and casseroles.
Daikon radishes
These keep very well in the fridge (wrapped), and add great colour to winter salads.
Apples from Palatine (the same low/no-spray orchard as the peaches, etc) will be available mid to late October. They are excellent apples. Check below if you'd like to be notified of the apple details.
Leave a note here if you'd like larger quantities of any item, or multiple units of any item.