Fall apples are now ready at Palatine Fruit and Roses, and they have an amazing lineup of great quality apples!

They’ve chosen to grow varieties that are naturally resistant to insects and disease, to complement their ecologically-sound growing practices… which translates to delicious apples that are not sprayed with chemicals.

Orders are due by Sunday, October 14.

Get in touch if you have any questions about these apples. From my experience last year, I can tell you that the flavour is top-notch, the quality is great, and they keep very well in cold storage (eg, in vented plastic bags in a fridge, or in a cold root cellar).

They’re crisp, juicy, delicious, and without chemicals - everything an apple should be!


The deadline has passed for orders for this batch of apples. If you’d like to be notified of future opportunities for fruit, send an email to be put on the notification list.

Boxes are 20 pounds for $30, tree-run.

Boxes can be split with someone else, but that's up to each person to arrange the split. There are a limited number of 3L baskets available (for $8)... if you'd like a 3L basket of any variety, please note that in the comment section below, and I'll do what I can to accommodate your request.

If you need help choosing varieties... go with a mixed box... or Grimes Golden or Cortland for baking... or Liberty or Florina for eating fresh.

Varieties available:

Liberty: great flavour; similar to an Empire; keeps til ~ March

Florina: great flavour; crisp and juicy; keeps til ~Dec / Jan

Cox Orange Pippin: complex flavour; great for juice and fresh eating; heirloom variety

Red Cortland: white flesh, low browning, good flavour & crunchy; keeps til ~Jan

Grimes Golden: excellent for pies; heirloom variety

Alpha: very crisp, sweet and juicy

Mixed boxes: containing Egremont Russet, Idared, Enterprize, Freedom, Kingston Black, Empire - all delicious varieties