2015 Vegetables

I thought it would be fun to list most of the vegetables we will be growing this year. You can expect to find most / all of these in your Vegetable Share box at some point during the season, with some of them making a regular appearance. However, not all of these vegetables will be available at any one time as each vegetable has its own season! Each variety we grow is chosen for specific reasons from the multitude of available varieties of vegetables. Flavour is the #1 reason, followed by colour / size / yield or other features, how well the plants grow in our soil, resistance to diseases (which indirectly means the plants are able to take up more nutrients), etc.

sfc_tomato_cherry_yellow (2)


Large red: 'New Girl', 'Big Beef', 'Pruden Purple', 'Mountain Merit', 'German Johnson'

Large, other colours: 'Martha Washington', 'Pink Beauty', 'Chef's Choice Orange', 'Cherokee Green', 'Striped German'

Cherry: 'Sun Gold', 'White Cherry', 'Black Cherry', 'Supersweet 100', 'Tomatoberry Garden'

Paste: 'Amish Paste', 'Plum Regal', 'Bellstar'

sfc_cucumber (2)


'Suyo Long', 'Socrates', 'Tasty Jade'

Pickling cucumbers: 'Jackson Classic', 'Northern Pickling' (mostly becoming traditionally-preserved fermented dill pickles)

sfc_lettuce_greenleaf (2)

Salad Greens

Spinach: 'Tyee', 'Caramel' (and 'Red Kitten' in the fall)

Lettuce Mix

Head Lettuce, including: 'Ariana', 'Nevada', 'Cherokee Fire' (Batavian / Summer Crisps); 'Buttercrunch'; 'Larissa' Boston, Skyphos

Arugula: regular, 'Surrey', 'Dragon's Tongue', Wasabi'

sfc_cauliflower (2)

Cruciferous Vegetables ("Broccoli" family)

Broccoli: 'Bay Meadows', 'Arcadia'

Cauliflower: 'Snow Crown', 'Cheddar', 'Graffiti', 'Romanesco'

Cabbage: 'Alcosa' and 'Deadon' savoy cabbage; 'Langedijker Winterkeeper', Tendersweet' and 'Caraflex' green cabbage; 'Super Red' and 'Ruby Perfection' red cabbage; 'Rubicon' napa cabbage; 'Kaitlin' kraut cabbage

Brussels Sprouts: 'Nautic' and 'Churchill'


sfc_pepper_red (2)

Sweet Peppers

Bell peppers: 'Sprinter' red, 'Ace' red, 'Gourmet' orange, 'Sweet Chocolate'

Other: 'Carmen' long red, 'Lipstick' red snacking pepper

Hot peppers: 'Hungarian Hot Wax', Jalapeno, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Cherry, Cayenne, Chili, Ancho / Poblano, Kim Chi pepper

(These are almost all being grown for some amazing fermented hot sauce, with the kim chi pepper being grown specifically for the traditional kim chi)

sfc_onion_yellow (2)

Alliums (Onion family)

Spanish onions:'Riverside Sweet', 'Walla Walla Sweet', 'Candy'

Yellow cooking onions: 'Bridger', 'Patterson'

Red cooking onions: 'Redwing', 'Cabernet'

White onions: 'Sierra Blanca'

Cipollini onions: 'Gold Coin'

Shallots: 'Camelot'

Scallions: 'Deep Purple', 'Nabechan'

Garlic: 'Red Russian', 'Music', 'Rose de L'Autrec', 'Persian Star', and a couple other types

Leeks: 'King Richard', 'Lancelot', 'Bandit'

sfc_beets (2)

Root Vegetables

Carrots: 'Nelson', 'Napoli'

Beets: 'Red Ace', 'Boldor' (golden), 'Chioggia' (red & white rings), 'Blankoma' (white)

Potatoes: 'Yukon Gold', 'Kennebec', 'Red Chieftain' and maybe a couple others

Sweet potatoes

Radishes: 'Rover' red, 'Cherriette' red, 'Pink Beauty' pink, 'Fakir' red with white tip, 'Amethyst' purple, 'Ping Pong' white, 'Shunkyo' pink semi-long; Black Spanish; 'KN-Bravo' purple daikon, 'Alpine' white daikon

Turnips: 'Hakurei' (white salad turnip), 'Purple Top White Globe', 'Laurentian' rutabaga

Parsnips: 'Javelin'

sfc_chard_swiss (2)

Cooking Greens

Kale: 'Redbor', 'Winterbor', 'Blue Curled Scotch', 'Lacinato' black kale, 'Red Russian' (for baby kale)

Swiss Chard: 'Ruby Red', 'Bright Lights'

Bok choy: 'Mei Ching Choy', 'Rosie', 'Win Win Choi'


Collard greens

sfc_beans_green (2)


Peas: 'Sugar Sprint' snap peas, 'Sabre' shelling peas, 'Oregon Giant' snow peas

Beans: 'Maxi' green beans, 'Northeaster' flat pole beans, 'Soleil' yellow filet beans

sfc_squash_acorn (2)

Squash / Pumpkins: Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Delicata, Vegetable Spaghetti, pie pumpkins

Zucchini: 'Dunja' green, 'Black Beauty' green, 'Golden Delight', 'Yellow Crookneck'

Some other vegetables...

Celery, fennel, eggplant, okra, kohlrabi

sfc_parsley_flat (2)

Some herbs will be in the Vegetable Share boxes...

Herbs, major crops: basil,  mint, cilantro, dill, parsley

Herbs, minor crops: chervil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, sage, tarragon

And the following are not vegetables, but they will be growing alongside the vegetables:

'Sugar Baby' watermelon; 'Charantais' French canteloupe; 'Sarah's Choice' canteloupe

As of today (February 2)...

A lot of the seeds have been ordered, the planting schedules have been made, and now we are waiting for the proper dates to plant each crop. Ultimately, we can't wait to start harvesting lots of great food!!