Homeopathy Testimonials

Here’s a partial list of the testimonials from people who’ve taken the Intro to Homeopathy series of classes in the past year. (Some of these testimonials are from their friends, who had asked them if they had any suggestions for situations that came up.)

“This is amazing to be treating the digestive symptoms I’ve had for years – have tried so many things, this is the first time to be making real progress. I know it will take a while, but I’m so excited my body is actually healing, and I can feel the changes.”

“I gave our son that remedy for ear infection last night. Can’t believe the symptoms were gone by this morning. Usually with antibiotics, it’s a cycle of off and on for weeks, and he’s cranky the whole time. He’s so relaxed right now, easy to look after.”

“I went to the doctor because of a bladder infection, but after I picked up the prescription, I remembered that there’s a homeopathic remedy for bladder infections. I didn’t want to take the antibiotics anyways, and then deal with the side effects. I took 2 doses of the remedy and the symptoms were gone. Is it actually possible for it to disappear so quickly?? So glad to not have to take antibiotics again.”

“I’ve used a few remedies now for our family, and just tried one for constipation for my daughter. It’s amazing that it works so quickly. We’ve tried so many other things to deal with constipation before we tried homeopathy, but nothing has worked as well as this remedy.”

“Even knowing which remedies to use for first aid has been incredible. My son really reacts to bee stings, and I got the Benadryl out when he was stung by a yellow jacket on his face in the summer. I gave him the homeopathic remedy first, expecting to have to use the Benadryl too… but he didn’t even need it. There was hardly any swelling at all, and he was back outside playing in about 15 minutes.”

“I used to basically eat Tums after every meal, sometimes taking them a couple times after a meal. Then, I started using that [homeopathic] cell salt instead, and after a couple weeks, I noticed I was using them less and less. Now, I only take the cell salt if I have an extra-spicy meal. I had no idea that something like acid reflux could be healed. I thought I would need Tums the rest of my life!”

“I’ve used that cell salt for muscle cramps a few times, and have told a few of my friends about it. No one believes that the cramp will be gone in a minute, until they try it. It seems too simple. At first, I was using that cell salt every day or two, but I just realized that I haven’t needed it for quite a while”

“I was so skeptical of homeopathy, but hadn’t made much progress with any other method to treat my chronic fatigue and brain fog. I decided to start with 2 of the cell salts – it seemed like the easiest thing to try first – and the fog is actually lifting! I’m ready to try some of the other remedies to treat my other symptoms now. I needed proof first that it would actually work.”

“I used to get headaches before every storm. Sometimes they were bad enough that I went back to bed for the rest of the day. After learning that there’s a remedy for that exact kind of headache, I took it 2 or 3 times when I got a headache before a storm… and haven’t had any of those headaches now for months. Amazing.”

“I’ve had migraine headaches for about 15 years. They were so terrible. I couldn’t even function when I had one. Couldn’t stand any light or noise, and every movement would make them worse. I had to hole up in a dark room, rest until they were gone, which was usually a day or two. No pain medication would touch them. I had my hopes up that they could be treated with homeopathy. I was so disappointed when the first couple remedies didn’t work. But then I found out that there are different remedies for different kinds of headaches. We finally found the right combo, and it was like magic. It dramatically reduced the intensity of my migraine, and after taking the remedy during a few migraines, I haven’t had any recurrence for several months. If they ever do come back, now I know what works for them. It feels so good to have my life back, and to not be bedridden a day or two every week.”

“I’d had some successes with homeopathy, but still couldn’t handle eating any wheat. I figured I’d have to stay away from it for life – because that’s what they say. Celiac disease can’t be cured. I learned the protocol for treating celiac disease in the Good Gut Bad Gut course, but hardly believed it would work.

After I read a couple testimonials where the protocol had cured, I decided to try it. Within a few days, I realized that the daily pain I’d had in my abdomen for several years had gone. After a couple weeks, I had more energy, and I had actually gained a few pounds even though I was eating the same as before. I think I must be absorbing more nutrients from my food. So, I cut back on how much I was eating (I don’t crave a bedtime snack anymore either), and I feel very satisfied with less food (I had to eat quite a bit before, to feel satisfied).

The other big change I’ve noticed is that my teeth have changed from grey-ish and translucent to whiter and opaque. I’ve been embarrassed about my teeth for a long time, but nothing had worked to help them – not even eating a really good diet. It makes sense that absorbing more nutrition would help to remineralize them. My teeth don’t ache anymore either. Apparently it takes several months for these remedies to fully act… I can’t wait to be able to eat at other people’s homes without fear of cross-contamination with wheat!”

“The remedy for anxiety has been life-changing for my daughter. She was often anxious about going to school, and about any changes in routine. We gave her the remedy every time the anxiety cropped up, and after a couple weeks, she hardly needed it anymore. We didn’t realize it at first, because it was fading away gradually, but she’s hardly anxious at all anymore.”

“My son had eczema when he was a small baby, and had all kinds of symptoms that my other kids didn’t have. He was always fussy, and reacted to all kinds of foods that I was eating. I had to stop eating dairy, wheat and sugar while I was nursing him, and had to avoid giving him so many foods when he started eating. It’s been hard now that he’s in school, because if he gets one snack at school with something that he reacts to, his system will be upset for days.

We’ve started a couple of the homeopathic protocols, according to his symptoms, and we’ve noticed huge changes already. For one thing, his moods are so much better, which we hadn’t really considered before. He’s already able to handle some foods that he couldn’t before. We’re going to stick with it for a few more months, and hopefully everything will be resolved. It’s so frustrating to have to always take all our food with us wherever we go, and it didn’t make sense to me that he’d have to always stay away from foods that are healthy. Now that his system is getting stronger, I’m really looking forward to when we can relax with food, and not have to be hyper-vigilant all the time.”

“We learned in the class that there’s a remedy for insomnia, and that’s the one that I had to try right away. Ever since I turned 50, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep a lot of nights. I’ve got the remedy bottle beside my bed, and I take a couple pellets if I can’t fall asleep right away. I go to sleep so fast… which is so different then before, when I’d get up and get a hot cup of milk or tea, have a hot shower, read, and finally fall asleep a few hours later.”

“I had chronic Lyme disease for several years, and it was a long, hard journey to overcome it. I was afraid of ever getting it again. Last summer, I was bitten by a tick, and started to get the Lyme symptoms all over again a few days later. Fortunately, I had the remedy on hand for Lyme, and took it twice a day for about 2 weeks. All the symptoms disappeared in that time, and haven’t returned. No one believes that it can be so simple to treat – and I wouldn’t have believed it either, if I hadn’t experienced it. I don’t feel afraid of ticks anymore, now that I know that there’s such an effective way to deal with the bites.”

“Our son fell off the swing on his elbow, and his arm bone broke right at the elbow. A piece of bone cracked off the end too. The doctors wanted to do surgery and put a pin in the bone, but we decided to postpone the surgery. We gave him arnica for pain, and he had no pain anymore by the next day, so he was able to go back to school. We also gave him that combination of remedies to help heal the bones, and when they did another xray 2 weeks later, the bone chip was already fusing back to the main bone. His arm healed so quickly that they took the cast off 3 weeks after his injury. We were so glad to avoid the surgery, and it was a bonus that he only needed the cast for 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks.”

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