A Farmer’s Vision

I dream of a time when what is now happening in a minor way will be the mainstream; the normal. Maybe not mainstream everywhere, but mainstream locally.

It’s already happening elsewhere. Why not here?

Some of what I believe can happen in this area:

For Farms

  • Many more “small-scale” farms, producing for their local communities
  • Much more local production of organic / regenerative / biologically-grown vegetables, fruits, grains / beans, dairy, meats / fish, honey, syrup, livestock feed
  • Local processing of food, such as grains into flour, livestock into meat, milk into butter and cheese, etc
  • Local seed-saving, plant-breeding, livestock-breeding, tree-raising
  • Equitable returns for farmers, based on the true, non-subsidized cost of production

For Communities

  • Less “self-sufficiency”, and much more inter-dependency
  • Much more local production, versus consumption of goods produced far away
  • Abundant, local, year-round access to all the foods needed for full health
  • Local sources of knowledge and skills that support health and vitality
  • Widespread organic practices, for safe, clean air, soil and water in the community
  • A community rich in a diversity of skills that support cooking, homesteading, farmsteading
  • People connected to one another in real time, in person
  • A thriving local economy

For Families

  • Parents with working knowledge of the ancestral wisdom of nutrition and natural medicine to raise healthy, robust babies and children
  • Daily cooking of nourishing food in the home, elevated to the worthy status it deserves
  • A garden and orchard for each family, producing at least a small part of their vegetable and fruit needs
  • For children to not only “know where their food comes from”, but to be involved in a part of it: in their yard, in their home, handling their sustenance, buying / bartering / trading with other gardeners and farmers
  • For children to learn skills to feed, clothe, mend, repair, build, tend, heal, collaborate
  • For children to grow up in a true community, multi-generational, connected, able to communicate freely
  • For children to grow up plugged in to their natural environment, being immersed in nature, identifying trees and plants and animals, understanding natural cycles, grounded, living in harmony with their surroundings

And so, again this year, the activities and goals of this farm align with this broader vision. 

A vision to work towards and grow into. Helping others grow into it. Encouraging others in this direction.

Do you feel an inward pull towards this type of future? Join us!

Deanna van den Dries