Benefits of the Vegetable Share Program

Consumers have several options for where and how to buy their food. Farmers have several options for where and how to sell their produce. There are pros and cons to every method, but the benefits of a CSA / Vegetable Share Program really stand out. Here are a few benefits; some of them are specific to Bee Loved Gardens because of our gardening practices.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Get to know your farmer! Experience the age-old direct connection with who is producing your food
  • Convenient access to affordable, high-quality vegetables
  • Good value on investment: more economical than buying item-by-item at a supermarket
  • Eat in-season; share in the seasonal bounty of each crop
  • Eat locally-grown food
  • Savour heirloom varieties of vegetables not found in grocery stores
  • Fresh produce: just-picked (not shipped long distances)
  • Flavourful vegetables: picked at the peak of ripeness (not picked green and stored before sale)
  • Nutrient-dense vegetables: grown sustainably in fertile soil, with regular monitoring of brix levels to ensure quality
  • Vibrant vegetables: grown in traditional, multi-species gardens along with herbs, fruits, flowers and pollinators
  • Weekly updates of what is happening on the farm, along with cooking tips, recipes, storage tips


Benefits to the Farmers

  • Get to know our customers! We get to experience the age-old connection with who is consuming what we produce. There's something very satisfying about that.
  • A guaranteed market for our crops: the security of having consumers ready to enjoy the fruits of our labours
  • Seed money (literally!) early in the growing season, which makes it possible to establish the crops
  • Work in a clean, natural environment
  • Make a living in small-scale / traditional agriculture
  • Work in close connection with nature, in daily fascination with the greatness of all that happens beyond the farmer's hands: the ability of the soil to respond to sunshine, darkness, moonlight, breezes, rain, storms, warmth and coolness to germinate seeds, nourish plants, and produce bountiful harvests
  • Fulfill a passion to grow the highest-quality food we know how to grow, and share it with others

Benefits to the Environment

  • Careful stewardship of one of humanity's greatest resources: healthy soil
  • Soil becomes healthier year-by-year because of strategic tillage practices, re-mineralizing the soil, feeding soil microbes, natural fertilizers, etc
  • Soil profits from supporting a diversity of crops
  • A haven for honeybees and native pollinators, providing habitat and forage
  • Dramatic reduction in fuel and energy for shipping food
  • Reduction in food packaging
  • No use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc

What are other benefits to the program? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!