Fall 2017 Class Schedule

Here's an overview of classes being offered this fall. Registration for all the classes is via this signup form. Full details of class locations, etc, will be provided when you register. Feel free to suggest additional class topics. Other topics will be added here for December and January, based on current requests.

Payment is due at signup to reserve your spot in the class. (Payments can be made by e-transfer, cheque or cash. Details are on the signup form).

Update: Registration is now closed for the following workshops.

Cleaning a Chicken & Piecing a Chicken

Saturday, November 4 @ 9:30am & 11am

This is a set of 2 classes. Take one or both!

First class (9:30am) Learn the very practical skills involved in prepping a chicken from the field for the oven. What's covered: the techniques for scalding, feathering, and dressing a chicken. This is a hands-on class, not just a demo! It's suggested to wear work clothes and old shoes/boots.

Second class (11am) There'll be a break after the first class. Once the chicken has been cleaned, learn how to quickly and easily separate a chicken into pieces (breast meat, legs, wings, soup bones), and optional: how to butterfly a chicken. These are easy (and practical) skills to master, once you know the proper techniques!

Very applicable skills in your home kitchen, since it is more economical to purchase whole birds, and separate them into pieces at home. Plus, pasture-raised chickens are often only available whole; having these skills open up many other possibilities for cooking your chickens! 

[*Note: we will not be selling or giving anyone any home-processed poultry; they absolutely must stay on the farm. These classes are solely to teach the skills involved in these processes.]

Making Kombucha

Saturday December 9 @ 1pm

Learn the basics of making this health tonic at home. Requiring just a few minutes of hands-on time each week, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it at the store – and you have endless options for customizing the flavours!

The class fee includes a scoby with starter tea to start making your own brews!

Making Kefir & Crème Fraiche

Saturday November 11 @ 1pm

Easier to make – and more healthful – than yogurt, kefir takes only a couple minutes of hands-on time each day. Filled with a wide variety of probiotics, it’s a delicious, ancient, cultured dairy product.

Learn the best tips and tricks for making this delicious drink, plus how to use it in baking to achieve the lightest, fluffiest baked goods.

Bonus: learn how to make the most mouth-wateringly delicious crème fraiche / cultured cream with your kefir grains.

Samples included, plus take home a package of active kefir grains to get started!  

Intro to Sourdough Bread-Making

Tuesday, November 21 @10:30am

Learn how to make healthy, delicious whole grain breads at home – with only a few minutes of hands-on time. It’s a skill that’s easy to master, for bread with better quality, flavour, and nutrition.

Fall and winter are the best times for bread-making, warming the house and filling it with an incomparable fragrance. Learn how to make basic loaves, and simple tips to fancy them up. Plus, learn how to choose the best flours with nutrition in mind. 

Sourdough Baking 2.0

Tuesday, December 12 @10:30am  

Learn how to make biscuits, muffins, pancakes, etc with your sourdough starter. Plus, learn how to convert yeast-based recipes to a sourdough recipe.  



Making Sauerkraut

Tuesday November 28 @ 10:30am

Take the mystery out of krauting with this hands-on workshop. Learn how to make a basic kraut, find out what looks and smells normal, what to watch for, and a fool-proof method for making delicious and nutrition-packed krauts in your own kitchen. There will be tips on adding other ingredients for interesting and therapeutic combos.

Leave with a jar of kraut, and the knowledge to make your own!  

Making Kim Chi

Saturday, November 25 @ 1pm

This popular fermented vegetable (with its rich, umami flavour) is made with a different technique than sauerkraut. See a demo of the process, and learn some tips for ensuring successful fermentation with each batch.

Leave with a jar of kim chi, and a recipe for making your own.  

Introduction to Homeopathy: 8 week guided study course

Weekly, beginning November 2

I’ve been fascinated by homeopathy since being immensely helped by it after an injury a few years ago. (I was hit in the leg by a rock that was thrown by a bush hog… major leg trauma. Long story short, I had intense pain for 2 months that vanished after taking one dose of the appropriate homeopathic remedy. Truly amazing.)

Since then, I’ve been studying homeopathy weekly, and have built up a thick file of remedies and their applications. I've had quite a few opportunities to homeopathically treat many injuries and illnesses in my livestock, myself, and my family - and have been utterly amazed at the effectiveness of the remedies. (I'm happy to share some of the stories with you, so you can understand the scope of what can be treated with homeopathy.)

I’m completely hooked on it, because it is so effective, so cheap, so safe, and so easy.

Therefore, I’d like to help others learn more about it – how to safely and effectively treat acute and chronic ailments in your family and pets. By using homeopathy, the use of antibiotics and medications (and their side effects) can be avoided. It's empowering to be able to take the care of our health into our own hands, and to know how to use simple remedies to quickly address health issues that arise. Best of all, the remedies are not expensive. Each dose costs $0.15 – 0.20, and heals without side effects!

This course is not my own, but has been created by Joette Calabrese, classical and practical homeopath, to help people learn the basics in a group setting led by one person (in this case, me!).

There will be practical information that you can use right away. It covers first aid with homeopathy, the top most-useful remedies, how to treat common health issues (including common issues in children), plus instruction on how to deal with chronic / long-standing symptoms.

We’ll meet for an hour once a week for 8 weeks, starting November 2 (we'll be finished before Christmas). This course includes 2 live or recorded Question & Answer group sessions with Joette. Those who attend at least 7 out of 8 of the sessions will receive a discount on her other courses - a valuable offer in itself.

Click here to read the info page about the study group on Joette’s website. The study guide can be ordered on that page as well. Click here to check out her main website, which has loads of accessible information.

*Joette is a classically-trained homeopath, who has studied practical homeopathy at the world-renowned Banerji Clinic in India. These methods can be safely learned by any person, empowering them to care for their family's health without requiring years of training.

Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own Study Guide at JoetteCalabrese.com.  Allow 10 days - 2 weeks for shipping before the start of the course. The cost for the study guide is $47USD, plus shipping of the hard copy to you. With shipping + exchange, the total cost will be around $100CAD.

There is the possibility of joining this study group from a distance via the internet. Contact me if you’re interested in this option, or if you have any other questions.