Garden Snapshot, April 13, 2015

The first outdoor-blooming flowers of the season! These Dutch irises are putting on a great show. Next year, we would like to have an early Spring Flower Share with lots of spring blooms available for sale as cutflowers. We picked tulips from the greenhouse this week, which were part of a trial to figure out timing and methods for early-spring production. If everything goes according to plan, we will have some beauty to share next spring for a few weeks before the outdoor flowers are blooming!

150412 dutch irises

Things that happened this past week:

  • The last snow melted from the garden (April 10)
  • The deer returned (they over-winter in another area)
  • The spring peepers started peeping (they are little frogs with large voices. They supply the background music on every spring evening above freezing.)
  • The garlic popped up through its straw blanket
  • The chives (below) and rhubarb broke through the soil
  • We had the first warm Spring rain... it smells so good when it rains in the Spring time!

150410 chives

Full house... means that someone has to sleep on the floor. The greenhouse is over-flowing with seedlings that will be planted out this week. Note the jungle of huge tomato plants in the back left. They can't wait to move to their new home!

Some of these seedlings will be planted into the new greenhouse, and some will go into the hoophouse (unheated), and the rest will go into low tunnels (mini-hoophouse, unheated).

150411 seedling greenhouse

Good progress was made on the new greenhouse. This one will house an early crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers (for the first Vegetable Share boxes of the season), and some cut-flowers. Read about part 1 and part 2 of our project.

We need an hour or two with NO wind to put the plastic covering on. The trick is, we almost never have no wind here. :-/

150407 putting up ridge pole

This weekend marked the first time since December to eat a fresh-picked meal that was 100% from the garden. Even better: it was cooked over a fire!

The ultimate in local, fresh, delicious garden goodness. We wish everyone could experience this regularly! That's one reason we love supplying others with high-quality, just-picked produce - there's no better meal than one made with the freshest, best ingredients.

150412 supper

In this meal: baby bok choy (purple & green), baby carrots, sunchokes / Jerusalem artichokes, green onions, sorrel, and freshly-laid eggs. Everything went from the garden to the frying pan to the bowl in less than 20  minutes.

And behind-the-scenes, a recipe section on the website is being created! We're excited to share seasonal recipes and cooking tips for getting the most out of fresh produce.

Any recipes that you'd like us to feature? Let us know in the comments below!