Garden Snapshot, April 20, 2015

We've seen some beautiful sunrises this week. It's tempting to not post a photo here, because it was so much more impressive in real life! Beautiful sunrises are one of the perks of being outside early in the morning - it never gets old. 150419 dawn

By far, the biggest excitement around here this past week was putting the plastic cover on the new greenhouse. This was one job that required a couple hours with no wind, and we were so happy (and relieved) to finally get the opportunity to get the greenhouse covered.

(We also posted photos of bending the pipes to make the greenhouse frame, and setting up the frame.)

150417 rollup sides up

It took a full day to finish up the outside of the greenhouse with roll-up sides, etc, and almost another full day to prep the ground. We're now ready to plant the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet peas, and a few other flowers in there.

As if one greenhouse project wasn't enough... we also put plastic on the 'little' hoophouse in another little garden. This one is heated only by the sun, and will be used primarily for cut-flowers for the Flower Shares. We harvested the last of the over-wintered spinach and bok choy from here yesterday, and the flowers will be going in this week.

150418 hoophouse

The weather has been beautiful - warm and sunny - which warmed and dried the gardens. We were able to work up part of the gardens... we're lucky to have 2 sections that are always ready to work early in the spring. And, we even got some seedlings and seeds planted!

In the photo below, the seedlings visible to the left of the greenhouse include kale, Swiss chard, napa cabbage, corn salad / mache, and some flowers: poppies, sweet william, and bells of Ireland.

150418 seedlings by greenhouse

In the ground: peas, carrots, radishes, onions, potatoes. We will be planting more of everything that we planted this week, but it feels so good to get the first round of seeds and plants in the ground.

Our trusty wheel hoe with the planter attachment was put to use for the first time this year. This tool is such a time-saver, and does a great job too!

150416 loading wheel planter

And, to finish off, a photo of a mother duck looking for snails in the flower bed at dusk. She's stocking up on food before she commits herself to a nest of eggs for the 5-week incubation period. One of the mother ducks has started setting already... can't wait to see the new ducklings in a few weeks!

150418 duck in flower bed