Garden Snapshot, April 27, 2015

We've had a week with snow, hail, frost, rain, and mostly cloudy days. Everything was just sitting tight, waiting for warmth and sunshine. And now - we're getting the warmth and sunshine, and everything is popping! 150423 daffodils in snow

The first rhubarb of the season was harvested. Watch for some recipes on the blog for this spring tonic, including rhubarb chutney.

150426 first rhubarb

The only thing that was obviously growing this week was the garlic. It's now 8-10 inches tall! Here is a photo of it at sunset this week:

150425 garlic at sunset

We put up a couple low-tech "low tunnels" to protect some early seedlings and direct-seeded carrots. They keep the wind off the plants and moderate the temperatures, making it possible to have certain crops ready for the first Vegetable Share boxes in June. These are temporary shelters that we will re-use in other parts of the garden in the fall to extend the harvesting season into November / December.

150424 greenhouse and low tunnels

Some of what was planted this past week for our Vegetable Shares:

  • kale (four types)
  • broccoli, including sprouting broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • lettuces (several types)
  • celery
  • spinach, and a few other types of greens

And for the Flower Shares:

  • cotton (will use the bolls in flower arrangements)
  • dahlias

Quite a few types of flowers will be seeded in the greenhouse this coming week.

The early leaves are coming out on the gooseberries, blackberries, and currants. It's amazing how they can put out leaves in this cool weather! We have just a few berry bushes now, but hope to have lots of berries to share in the future.

150424 blackberry buds

With the warm weather in this week's forecast, there will be lots of garden photos to share next week as we plant another round of early crops. The countdown is on to the first big harvests in a few weeks!