Garden Snapshot, April 6, 2015

Happy as ducks in a puddle! Everyone is happy that Spring is here, including these ducks that found a large puddle. They spent an afternoon splashing around in the snow-melt, enjoying the warm breeze and bright sunshine.

150401 ducks cleaning in puddle

In the greenhouse: the tomatoes are growing like crazy! They are 2+ feet tall now, very lush, and even setting buds! They are certainly on track for pumping out juicy tomatoes for the Vegetable Shares in June.

We put a lot of effort into growing early tomatoes because they are so popular with everyone. Can't beat the amazing flavour of garden-fresh tomatoes. These plants will be grown in the ground in the new greenhouse, which means we will have tomatoes 6+ weeks ahead of the main crop that is grown without cover in the garden.

150401 buds on tomatoes

Some of what was planted this past week:

Lots of flowers for the Flower Shares... scabiosa (seeds pictured below. Or, are they mini badminton birdies?!), cupcake zinnias (photo in this post), tall blue forget-me-nots, carnations, plus some other filler flowers and greens.

150401 scabiosa seed

Vegetable seeds planted included napa cabbage for the first batches of garden-fresh kim chi. Kale, chard, scallions, plus a few beans and peas  that will grow in the greenhouse (this extra-early batch of beans and peas will be for farmer's suppers).

We also planted artichokes!! First time to grow them, and I have bookmarked an amazing-looking recipe for roasted artichokes that I can't wait to try this fall.

The biggest project this past week has been the new greenhouse. Head over to a post of photos that shows how we created the greenhouse from scratch.

150404 assembling hoops

What is this?! When closing up the seedling greenhouse this week, I found 3 holes had been dug under the baseboard in one corner. I went inside, and found a couple holes at the ends of the tunnels, underneath the benches.

Field mice are likely the culprits - and they are NOT welcome in the greenhouse! We're now doing our best to keep them out, as we don't want them eating any of our seedlings.

150401 hole under greenhouse

Stay tuned for photos of the new & completed greenhouse in a few days!