Garden Snapshot, June 1, 2015

We're into flowers! Several types of flowers have made their first appearance this week. Most exciting: the poppies! Poppy seeds are SO tiny and they are tricky to plant. (For reference: the cut-flower poppy seeds are much smaller than the poppy seeds used for baking.) Anyways, it's pretty amazing that such beautiful flowers come from something so incredibly tiny.

150530 yellow bouquet

It's been fun arranging bouquets from what's blooming these days. In the photo above: the first poppies of the season, the first lilies, the first yellow iris, and I don't know the name of the small yellow flower... it's something that has grown in my mom's flower beds for years.

More exciting news - we have RAIN!!! The gardens were very desperately dry here, after an unseasonably dry spring. We had only 2/10 of an inch of rain the entire month... and then got about 3 inches of rain in a day and a half. From one extreme to the other!

The gardens are now so wet that we can't even step into them... but this is a great chance to catch up on seeding indoors. More lettuce, broccoli, scallions, fennel, turnips, kale, etc. + some flowers.

150531 ducks under mother

The ducklings are doing well, and are very hardy. However, with the rain came some very cool temperatures. The ducklings would be waddling around playing in their outdoor pen, and then all of a sudden, they would all go and sit under their mom for a while to warm up. They're cute to watch.

This rain is great for the garlic as the bulbs are forming now. There is potential for some good-sized bulbs, judging by the fatness of the stalks!

A peek down some garlic rows:

150531 garlic cords

Below is one of the patches of cutting greens at sunset. This photo was taken before the rain, at sunset. You can tell how dry the ground is in the photo.

150528 greens patch

The same patch, 3 days later, after the rain. It's amazing how much everything has grown / filled in within that short period of time!

150531 greens patch

One task this past week: spreading compost. And lots of it. There's still more to do... it's only about 70% done... any volunteers to give a hand with the rest of it?! :)

150530 spreading compost