Garden Snapshot, March 23, 2015

Beautiful sunny days + plus above-freezing temperatures = some bare ground in the gardens. Finally! 150317 bare ground garden

The above photo shows part of a 1-acre garden, with some mulched garlic in the foreground. The snow on the right side of the photo is still about 3 feet deep.

Below, another 1-acre garden, still entirely covered in snow. It's still up to 2.5 deep in some parts of this garden! This plot of land is always the last to thaw and dry up, which means all the late-spring crops get planted here.

150317 NW garden no bare ground

This photo below shows the mulched garlic on the right, and the bare ground in the centre will soon be home to the tomato greenhouse!

150317 site of tomato greenhouse

It's exciting to be working on this project for many reasons, including:

1) Tomatoes in June! (As opposed to the tomato crop beginning at the end of July)

2) Cucumbers in June!

3) Cut-flowers in June, for our Flower Shares! Some tender varieties will be grown in the greenhouse for earlier and higher-quality blooms.

4) Early crops of a few other vegetables and herbs (such as sweet peppers, basil, and whatever else we can fit in there!)

150319 bottom heat greenhouse

We finished putting the bottom-heat system in the greenhouse this past week. Just in time, as the other side of the greenhouse was filled with plants, and we needed more space.

In the photo above, you can see the white water lines running the length of the bench. Once they were set in place, we covered everything with a 4"+ layer of gravel to cover the water lines. Any upper body muscles that had not yet come out of winter hibernation were thoroughly awakened with this project!

150317 seedlings full bench

At night, the plants are covered with a thin fabric cover, which traps the heat from the hot water lines & stones close to the plants. We also provide a bit of supplemental heat to keep the main space of the greenhouse from getting too chilly.

A simple system, but it works.

150320 potting up tomatoes

All of the extra-early tomato plants were potted up from small pots (on the right) to larger deep pots. They are growing like crazy now, and right on track for tomatoes in the Vegetable Share boxes in June!

Actually, everything is on track so far. All of the cut-flower seedlings and vegetable seedlings are looking great. They will size up over the next few weeks before they are planted into the garden - and we'll be enjoying the beautiful flowers and tasty veggies in no time!