Garden Snapshot, March 30, 2015

Right now, the days revolve around planting seeds and tending seedlings.

  • Turn the lights on for the tender seedlings indoors, first thing in the morning
  • Pull back the fabric covers from the greenhouse seedlings
  • Open the greenhouse in the morning once it's warm enough inside, to ventilate the seedlings there
  • Plant at least a few types of seeds each day
  • Water all the seedlings every evening (once the sun gets low enough, but before it goes down)
  • Close up the greenhouse and replace the fabric covers over all the seedlings (before the sun goes down)

The greenhouse is filled to capacity! Some of the seedlings will be transplanted into the hoophouse in the coming week, making room in the greenhouse for newly-sprouted seeds.

150330 snapdragon seedlings

Above, those tiny little threads of green are baby snapdragons. The main reason I took this photo is for comparison (in a few months) to the tall spikes of fragrant snapdragon flowers. Some of the most beautiful flowers have the smallest beginnings!

A large variety of flowers have been planted for Flower Share bouquets. Lots of focal flowers, and also fillers. These seedlings below are the sturdy beginnings of tall Chinese Forget-Me-Not's - a beautiful blue-flowered filler. Blue is a rare (and coveted) colour in flowers, so I'm planting lots of these every 2 weeks.

150330 cynoglossum seedlings

How about an early spring Vegetable Share next year?! I've been doing a lot of experimenting with spring crops, figuring out seeding times for super-early harvests. As in, harvesting in March - April - May!

It is amazing what can be harvested at this time of year, with only the sun for heat and the plastic sidewalls of a hoophouse (that is, an unheated greenhouse) to protect from wind and cold.

My goal is to put up a couple more hoophouses this fall, and grow crops in them for the spring harvest next year.

Here is a tray of the delectable white Hakurei (salad) turnips. They're heading to the hoophouse in a few days, for harvest in April. I'm not minding the side effect of eating these early trials! :)

150330 seedling turnips

Below, onion seedlings at sunset in the greenhouse.

About 1/3 of the greenhouse is filled with leeks, onions, scallions, and shallots. (They are a brighter green when the evening sun is not on them.) We should have lots of these savoury veggies this summer and fall.

150330 onion seedlings sunset

We're working on a big, exciting project this week - stay tuned for photos and the story next week!