Garden Snapshot, May 18, 2015

This has been a week of blossoms and hatchings and other signs of new life. The Spring's first hatch of ducklings came off the nest on Saturday. It never grows old, seeing these ultra-soft, fuzzy yellow and black ducklings. The best part is observing the mother-baby interactions, and hearing the various quiet chirps they make as they communicate.

150516 new ducklings

In the greenhouse, there are baby cucumbers, and baby peppers! At the rate things are growing (cucumbers grow quickly, and they're already climbing the trellis...), it looks like there will easily be cucumbers for the first Vegetable Share boxes in a month!

150518 baby cucumber

The strawberries are now in full bloom - and hopefully we don't get another frost that will damage the blossoms / young fruits! This is the first year to grow some strawberries for sale. Just a small patch, trying it out. The ones grown here last year were SO delicious though - we'll probably be wishing we had a patch 10 times bigger!

150518 strawberry blossoms

The rhubarb patch is pumping out the rhubarb! Some is being sold, some eaten, some frozen to make jams, etc, later. Have you tried rhubarb chutney? Delicious with any meat or seafood!

Here is a list of rhubarb recipes - stewed, braised, ice cream, popsicles, butter, curd, etc, etc. Some really creative (and tasty) recipes are listed!

150515 rhubarb 1With all the hot, sunny weather we've been having, the garden is becoming desperately dry. And, it's supposed to be warm and sunny again all week! This is the kind of time when it would be nice to have a full irrigation system in place already.

A few storms have by-passed us this month, and even though we didn't benefit from the rain, we did benefit from the change in the air, and some pretty scenery afterwards. Hopefully we get a good 'soaker' rain soon!

150512 greenhouse sky after storm