Garlic Scapes

'Tis the season for garlic scapes! These early-summer delicacies are only around for a short time, so we have to make the most of them while we can. garlic scape in garden

Here are a few ideas for using garlic scapes:

Ferment them!

fermented garlic scapes 2

This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy garlic scapes, and prolongs the enjoyment of scapes for as long as the jar(s) last. Fermenting them gives them a nice tang, and the garlicky flavour is mellow. The brine is awesome in salad dressings or added to soups when serving.

The basic recipe: cut them (or leave them whole) and put them in a jar of an appropriate size. Ideally the scapes should come to the neck of the jar. Cover them with a 2% brine (19grams of salt : 4 cups of water). Screw on the lid and insert an airlock if you have an airlock lid. Leave at room temperature for 3-5 days, or until the bubbling activity goes down. Store in the refrigerator for up to a year.

(Note: if you use a lid without an airlock, the lid will need to be briefly unscrewed once or twice a day to release the buildup of fermentation gases. If you use an airlock lid, replace it with a regular lid for storage.)

If you don't want to fill a whole jar with garlic scapes, add one or two to a jar of some other vegetable ferment.

Use them as skewers!

I'll add a picture on here soon. Basically, use the long, thicker part of the scape to skewer vegetables and meat for grilling. Yum! You may need to poke a hole through the veggies / meat first with something else and then thread the scape through the holes. It also helps to cut one end of the scape into a point.

Taking it to the next level: thread the vegetables around the whole scape (starting from the bottom) to get rings of vegetables for grilling :)

Make Pesto!

Substitute part or all of the greens in your favourite pesto recipe with garlic scapes. Delicious!

Put them in Hummus!

Put garlic scapes in the food processor with your other hummus ingredients, and whiz it all up. It will give the hummus a green tint, and a mellow garlic flavour.

Add to stir-fry's and soups

They do not take long to cook, so add them near the end of the cooking time.

What other ideas do you have for using garlic scapes?