New Greenhouse!

Exciting happenings here - the new greenhouse is going up! We are building the greenhouse from scratch. Well, actually, from fence posts! Most of the greenhouse frame is made with the top rail and line posts of "chain link fencing".

So, that involved picking up a couple bundles of pipe.

150401 unbent pipe

We bought this very handy jig for bending the pipe for uniform side hoops for the greenhouse. We were planning on a 60-foot long greenhouse, with arches every 4 feet. Therefore, 16 arches needed x 2 sides = 32 hoops bent for side hoops.

However, I wasn't keeping track of the pipes being bent (having too much fun) and bent too many!! So, the greenhouse will be 68-feet long instead! It certainly will NOT be a problem to fill up the extra space! :)

150401 bending pipe

We cut "line posts" in half for ground posts / anchors, and then pre-drilled holes for attaching the posts to the side hoops and baseboard. The cut ends of the pipes and holes were ground to remove metal burrs so that the greenhouse plastic won't be damaged.

150401 grinding ridge pipe

Throughout this whole process, we were closely supervised by Sam. He wanted in on the action, and inspected (at nose length) everything we did. All he wanted in return was a head scratch once in a while.

150402 pipe bending supervisor

The photo below shows the straight pipes that have been transformed into side hoops and peak sections.

150402 pipes bent

We transported everything to the edge of the garden, and laid out a frame and stakes for assembling the hoops.

By this time, we were enjoying it so much and realizing this is something within our capacity to do... that we decided that we will definitely be putting up one (or two or three) more as soon as possible. And, we will consider putting them together for others!

150404 assembling hoops

Below, the assembled hoops are laid out and ready to set into the ground posts.

We got one line of ground posts pounded in before calling it quits at supper time Saturday night.

150404 hoops assembled

This is part 1... read part 2 here. Next up: frame the end walls, and then cover it with plastic!

Another update will come a day or two after that, when the greenhouse will be planted from end to end with eagerly waiting seedlings / plants. We can't wait!!