New Greenhouse, Part 2

We've had some really funny reactions to our our greenhouse project - and the best reactions have been at the places where we bought the supplies for the frame. 150407 putting up ridge pole

Fencing store salesman: "So, what do you want these fence posts for? And why do you want so many of this one type of post?"

Me: "Well... we're building a greenhouse"

Salesman: Blank stare

Me: Stifled laugh

Salesman: "You're building a what with these?"

Me: "We're building a greenhouse. We have all the plans, and the plans call for 70 of these top rail pipes."

Salesman: Another long pause. And then he mutters in disbelief, "First time I've heard that one".

He obviously thinks we're a bit crazy, but humours our strange request.

150403 ground posts

Maybe this project is a bit crazy! But, this is the most economical way of putting up a greenhouse, so here we go! We're in the home stretch now. After lots of pipe-bending, pipe-cutting, hole-drilling through pipes, bolting, etc, we got the frame put up!

150406 greenhouse hoops up

Read about part 1 of the greenhouse construction here. I intended to show the completed greenhouse in this post. Alas, we have been getting strong winds all week (currently 70km/hr) and so we have not been able to put the plastic covering on it yet. We need an hour or two with absolutely NO wind - otherwise, we'll be trying to hold down a parachute!

Building this new greenhouse has been a very large project, but having all the plants ready to move into it has pushed us to get it done as soon as possible. We can almost taste the garden-fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers that will be grown here! If all continues to go well, these delectable treats will be ready for our Vegetable Share members in June, which is 6+ weeks ahead of the unprotected crops.