November Meats

Here's a list of what is available for meat this month. (Lots!) A couple notes first: 

**The pork cuts tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend pre-ordering what you'd like so that it can be reserved for you. There are just a few packages left of the chicken pieces. Turkeys are now sold out.

**All of the livestock were raised on pasture (which means: outdoors, eating fresh grasses, moved to fresh grass regularly, etc). This results in higher levels of nutrients in the meat and fat, because of their exposure to sunlight + consuming fresh greens. They were fed non-GMO grains that were also wheat-free. We've noticed a significant difference in the health of our livestock fed this way - and the most obvious difference is in the health of their livers and other organs.

**These meats are tender and delectable; raised this way, they are truly full of flavour and very satisfying. You will love them. Feel free to ask for cooking tips for any of the meats that you purchase.


Bacon (nitrate-free)

Sausages (gluten-free, MSG-free, filler-free. They contain only the pork + organic spices. Once you try them, you'll find out why they sell out so quickly!)

  • Varieties: Breakfast, Spinach-feta, Tomato-basil, Chorizo, Hungarian, German, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Salt & Pepper

Hams (nitrate-free; 3 - 4 pounds)

Ham steaks (nitrate-free)


Loin Chops

Loin Roast

Tenderloin (only 1 left)

Butt Chops

Lard and Smoked Lard... delectable, healthy fats for making pastries, or for roasting or frying vegetables

Pork Hocks, trotters, and bones for soup



Whole chickens (sold out)

Boneless chicken breast (sold out)

Chicken legs (a few left)

Chicken wings (notably large and meaty, most likely very different than what you've had from industrial sources)

Breast quarters (a few left)

Leg quarters (a few left)

Chicken soup bones

Soup hens (these make the absolute best chicken soup or stew)


DUCK: Highly recommended. This is not eaten as commonly as chicken for some reason; everyone who tries duck loves it. If you've never had it, I suggest trying it at least once, because it truly is delicious!

Whole duck (3.5 - 6 pounds) Excellent roasted, or made into soup or stew