Nutrient-Density Podcasts

While spending many hours seeding this week, I listened to several podcasts including a couple by Steve Solomon, author of The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient-Dense Food. 150312 intelligent gardener

Some important concepts:

- our food is only as good as the soil it was grown in

- if the mineral balance in the soil is imbalanced, the mineral content of the produce will be imbalanced. The only way to get high-quality, high-Brix food is to balance the mineral levels in the soil and feed the plants adequate nutrition.

- organic produce can be grown on very imbalanced soils, and therefore it is not 'nutrient-dense', and not 'healthy' produce to consume

... I realize this last concept is hard for some people to accept. Just being labeled 'organic' does not necessarily equate to 'healthy'

- adding lots of compost and natural amendments to the soil does not necessarily yield healthy crops / produce. The crops / produce can be quite UN-healthy, unless the mineral balance of the compost and soil is corrected

Part 1 and Part 2 of the podcasts, perhaps with more of the nutrient-density info in the 2nd half. (There is a bit of coarse language sprinkled through it.)

I first read this book almost 2 years ago when it was first published. It was part of my on-going education in learning how to grown nutrient-dense food, and hearing these podcasts freshened my inspiration to grow the highest-quality produce possible.

This book is an excellent read for anyone wanting to know WHY we need nutrient-dense food, and it's a great primer on some of the steps to take to achieve this result.

It does not cover nutrient-based foliar sprays (which is part of the nutrient program we use here), but it covers a lot of the soil basics.

The great thing with growing nutrient-dense food is that the crops get better and better (ie tastier and tastier) every year.

Here's to growing even better vegetables this year!