Oven-Roasted Plum Jam

This is the next best thing since arugula pesto. Well, that's how it is around here, anyways! This plum jam has a sweet-tangy-umami flavour that plum sauce can only dream of. Seriously, I can sit down and eat this by the spoonful, lingering over every morsel of it. Or, use it as a sauce on ice cream. Or a glaze on a roast or chicken. Or, of course... as a jam on toast, biscuits, with cheese & crackers. The possibilities are almost endless.

This is one recipe that works better with more volume. I prepared a large roasting pan of jam from a 25-pound box of plums. If you're using a smaller quantity, use a smaller pan.

The secret is to have the plums in a layer that's at least a couple inches thick. As they cook, they will reduce in volume significantly, so there needs to be enough depth at that point that they won't scorch or dry out.

plums for jam


Cut blue plums (aka Italian plums or prune plums) in half, and discard the pits.

Put them into a roasting pan that is of a suitable size, so that the plums are 3 - 6 inches deep in the pan.

Roast them on low heat (around 200F - 225F) for several hours, stirring every half hour or hour or so.

The cooking time will depend on the volume of the plums, but could take from 4 - 8 hours. Longer is better... that's when they really develop the intense flavour.

As they cook, the skins will break down and disappear into the jam. You'll be left with a rich, intensely-flavoured, thick jam.

Let it cool, then fill your chosen freezer containers. (I have never canned it after roasting it, so I'm not sure what modifications would be needed for that process.)

Freeze it for winter use, to be pulled out on a blustery day for a delectable treat from the summer.