Photo Tour Aug 25

At long last! Another photo update! It sounds ridiculous to say that there hasn't been time to go around taking pictures... but that's  how it seems to have been.

Here are some photos to give you a glimpse at what is going on around here.

Trays of seedlings (lettuces, chard, spinach, kale, etc) on their way to the garden to be transplanted.

seedlings to plant

Some close-ups in the greenhouse. Oakleaf lettuces:

oakleaf lettuces Aug 25

Chives (which look the same at this stage as onions & leeks)

chives Aug 26=5

Lettuces in the garden:

lettuces Aug 25

Arugula & tatsoi:

tatsoi arugula Aug 25

Yellow swiss chard:

yellow swiss chard Aug 25

Red swiss chard:

red swiss chard Aug 25

Baby beets (for the fall)

baby beets Aug 25

Beets (next crop)

beets Aug 25

Hakurei turnips, ready to pick:

turnips Aug 25

"D'Avignon" radish... red above-ground, white below-ground

radish Aug 25

Yellow peppers, s-l-o-w-l-y ripening

yellow peppers

Red peppers, again ripening slowly. It takes 3+weeks to turn from a green pepper to a red pepper.

red peppers Aug 25

Baby Cilantro and Dill... ready in a couple more weeks

cilantro baby dill Aug 25

Scallions & another crop of turnips

scallions turnips Aug 25

Broccoli. Finally!


Sunflowers along the edge of the garden. These are with-pollen (for the bees) and with-seeds (for the birds). Therefore, not the cutting type (for people).

sunflowersGlads ready to cut

glads in garden What kinds of photos would you like to see on the next photo tour?