Plants for your Garden

After receiving several requests for organic vegetable seedlings, I decided to make it official and offer them to whoever would like them! The sooner you put your word in for specific plants, the more likely I'll be able to fulfill your request! I have a small nursery greenhouse (TINY, compared to the behemoths of most seedling suppliers), which means there is a limited supply of seedlings available for sale. Seeds for these plants are ordered by February (or March, at the very latest), so get your speak in early to ensure your order can be filled.

The plants will be available at the end of May, just in time for planting outdoors.

Here is what I'm offering:

  • high-quality organic seedlings for producing some delicious food or beautiful flowers in your own yard! (Everyone should do this...)
  • 2 plants per pot for most of the potted plants, to maximize the value you receive
  • varieties that will work in a pot on a patio, and some that will work in any backyard garden as long as they receive enough sunshine
  • planting instructions for your choice of plants


Strawberries $10 / 10 bare-root plants

  • Choice of early-season, mid-season, or late-season plants. The varieties I've chosen are very sweet and tender (they don't ship well, but travel from plant to mouth exceptionally well)

Raspberries $15 / 5 bare-root canesIMG_20150904_094426

  • Choice of early-season (Glen Ample), main-season (Tulameen) and ever-bearing (Heritage... they have a crop in July, and another flush of berries from late August to heavy frost). Once established, these will give loads of delectable, sweet fruit each year.

Blackberries $25 / 3

  • These are the solid-core large black berries. Sweet, and they bear heavily once they're established.


Tomatoes $3.50 / 4" pot that has 2 plants. These varieties are chosen for their exceptional flavours.

  • Heirloom: Striped German (yellow-orange), Cherokee Purple (purple-red), Brandywine (red), and possibly a couple others
  • Cherry: Sungold orange cherry, Bing red cherry
  • Blight-resistant tomatoes (Mountain Merit a slicer, Plum Regal for sauce)
  • Patio / Pot tomatoes (choose a slicing tomato or cherry tomatoes)IMG_20150909_174727

Peppers $3.50 / 4" pot that has 2 plants

  • Red sweet bell pepper, small patio bell pepper, jalapeno, hot banana (any of these can be grown in a pot)

Pole Beans $2.50 / 4" pot with 3 / pot

  • These will give a harvest all season (versus bush beans that bear for a short time). Plus, they have better flavour than bush beans. They need some sort of support to climb - either a fence or stakes or whatever you can rig up for them.

Sweet Potato Slips $5 per 1/2 dozen

  • The standard, sweet orange-fleshed variety.IMG_20150602_201211

Cucumbers $3 / 4" pot with 3 - 4 plants


Basil $2 / 4-pack with 3 - 4 seeds per cell


Pompon Dahlias $3 / 4" pot. Round ball-shaped dahlias. The roots can be dug in the fall to over-winter in the house and re-planted next year.

Zinnias $3 / 4" pot with 2 plants per pot. "Benary's Giant" zinnias, in a range of bright colours.


If there's something you'd really like that's not on this list, let me know and I may be able to accommodate your request