Pork Cutting Options

It's time to harvest another batch of pork, and I'm pleased to work with Townsend Butchers again. I'm very happy with their service, and how they're willing to provide MSG-free, wheat-free sausages, as well as nitrate-free bacon and other cured meats. They offer custom cuts for each half-pig, and so you get to choose exactly how your pork will be cut and packaged. Here's how it works.

For a half-pig: there's full customization. Fill in the order form with your requests, and that's how your pork will be cut.

For 1/4-pig orders: let me know your requests (fill in the form), and I'll try to match your requests with another 1/4-pig order. I'll have to combine the two orders and submit it as a half-pig order since the abattoir only processes pigs by the half... so, there would hopefully be two orders for 1/4-pigs with similar requests for # of pork chops per package, size of roasts, type of sausage, etc. I'll make it work as best as I can for you.

HERE'S THE ORDER FORM. Please download it, fill it in, then email it back to me with your order.

A couple notes for reference:

  • If you choose to receive all the available roasts, pork chops, spare ribs, etc, then there will be about 10 pounds of sausage available per half-pig.  If you want more than 10 pounds of sausage, then you can request that certain roasts (or other cuts) be made into sausage.
  • The abattoir processes sausage in 10-pound batches. Therefore, you can request one type of sausage per 10-pound increment of sausage meat.
    • However... if you want more than one type of sausage and you're getting the 10-pound batch, I will be getting a few types made from another pig, and we can potentially swap a couple / few packages of one type for another. No guarantees on this, I won't know if it will work til all the orders are in. Still, let me know what you're interested in, and I'll see what we can work out.
  • The base price for a half-pig and quarter-pig is $5.50/lb. If you would like sausages and cured meats, there are additional costs for the processing (and it's so worth it!! These butchers do an excellent job with their sausages and cured meats.)
    • Additional fee for sausages: $1.10 / lb per pound of sausage (In other words, this only applies to the amount of sausage you're receiving; if you receive 10 pounds of sausage, it's an extra $11.00. This is the direct cost for making the sausages, which is still cheaper overall than buying them solo.)
    • Additional fee for bacon, hams / cured hams: $1.00 / lb per pound of cured meats (this applies only to the weight of the cured meats, not to the entire 1/2 or 1/4 pig)
    • Additional fee for lard: $1.70 / lb. This applies to the portion that is from your 1/2 or 1/4 pig. It's optional - you don't have to take it.

If you have ANY questions about the options, don't hesitate to get in touch to get some help to figure things out.

Here's how to fill out the order form...

Fill in your name, etc, at the top. This seems obvious, but we have to know who the order belongs to! :)

The "pickup date" is Wednesday November 16 / 16. Cutting instructions should be in by Wednesday November 10 / 16. It would be best if I received the cutting instructions earlier so I can contact you with any potential questions / clarifications.

Send the order to me (via email), do not send it to the abattoir. I need to submit them all together for all the pigs I'm taking that day.

  • For EVERY line on the order form, choose one option OR the other.
    • For example, the first line is for the ham... you can choose to have it cured OR fresh (which is a delicious, un-cured roast).
    • The next line also refers to the ham... you can have it cut into ham steaks OR cut into roasts. Therefore, specify how many steaks per package you want OR how many pounds you'd like each ham to be (the usual is 3 - 5 pounds). The reason it says "may be both" is because you could choose to get a 4-pound ham, and the rest cut into steaks.
  • Continue through the form this way, line by line, making a selection at each line.
  • For the "Trimmings", you can choose to receive ground pork OR sausages.
    • If you'd like ground pork, specify how much you want in each package (the standard is 1 pound per package).
    • If you'd like sausages, specify the type you'd like, remembering that you get 10 pounds per half pig (which is one type of sausage). Or, you can specify that some of the roasts ALSO be turned into sausage, and therefore choose 2 types of sausage (in 10-pound increments).
    • You can also choose to have some of the organ meats added to your sausage or ground pork. The last time we had pork processed, we had some sausage made with 20% organ meats. The taste was barely perceptible (probably only because we knew it was there). However, the texture was a bit more crumbly than the other sausages. Adding it to the ground pork & then using it for chili, lasagna, burgers, etc, etc is an awesome way to up your intake of organ meats without any effort or "ick" factor.

So, that's it! It's pretty simple, just go through and make your selections line by line. And, as mentioned before, let me know if you have any questions.

I can't wait for you to receive your orders - you're going to love this pork!