Pork for the Summer Grilling Season

Back in the days when everyone bought their meats from local farmers, and there were many farmers raising meat for sale to local consumers...there were also local abbatoirs and butcher shops everywhere that completed the link between farmer and consumer. There are very few left now, but there's good hope that they're starting to make a comeback!

I am so excited to be working with a new-to-me abbatoir that offers a full range of meat cutting and curing options for small-scale farmers. This is such a critical link in local & small-scale food production, and my only wish is that we will have a place like this closer to home some day. Townsend Meats has processed this batch of pork, which is over an hour's drive from here (a 10 minute drive would be so much more feasible) - but still so worth it for what we're getting!

They offer some amazing options that I haven't been able to find elsewhere: 

  • nitrate-free bacon
  • gluten-free, MSG-free sausages
  • nitrate-free smoking / curing of other cuts

I've never had pork smoked / cured or sausages made because it hardly seemed right to take non-GMO fed, pasture-raised heritage breeds of pork and then end up with sausages containing MSG and questionable fillers with unknown ingredients. Therefore, it's especially exciting to be able to offer sausages with pure ingredients that will highlight the flavours of the quality pork.


HERE'S WHAT'S AVAILABLE THIS SUMMER: lots of sausages, pork chops and other cuts that are perfect for the barbecue!

Sausages $6.25 MSG-free, wheat-free, filler-free. Made with only pork + pure spices + ingredients such as cheese in some of them 4 / pack of the regular sausages; 12 / pack of the breakfast sausage (Check out this article on cooking high-quality pork sausage. It has some good tips for cooking sausages made with prime meats and without fillers.)

  • Spinach-Feta
  • Tomato-Basil sold out
  • Mild Italian
  • Chorizo sold out
  • Salt & Pepper (plain)
  • German
  • Enriched Garlic: contains 20% organ meats (a combo of pork liver, heart and kidney) + garlic. The flavours of the organ meats are not obvious. A great way to sneak organ meats into your (or your children's) diet without the fuss of trying to get them to eat liver, etc for the extra nutritional benefits
  • Plain breakfast sausage (with pork + salt + pepper)

Pork Chops 2 per package; 1" thick; Loin chops $6.75/lb; Butt chops $6.25/lb

Tenderloin roast (about 3 pounds) $9/lb

Bacon (smoked and cured; nitrate-free) approximately 1 - 1.3 pound packages $9.50/lb

Smoked Hocks (excellent in soups and bean dishes, these give a smoky pork flavour to whatever they're cooked with) $6.25/lb

Ribs (spare ribs or back ribs) $6.50/lb

Boneless Pork Loin Roast (approx 5 pounds) $6.25/lb



Lard $6 / lb

Soup Bones $2.75/lb sold out

Head - the most delicious part of the pig (seriously!) are the cheeks and jowls. Meltingly tender, juicy, and super-flavourful. Simply slow-roast to perfection. These are split in half for easier handling (they will fit into a standard roast pan). Worth trying on the barbecue. To step it up a notch, spread an herb-garlic paste over the meaty areas before cooking. You'll find out why these are the best! $2.75/lb

Liver $3.25/lb

Heart $3.25/lb

Kidneys $3.25/lb

Tongue $3.25/lb


Here's to a summer of great barbecuing!


To place an order: simply email your order, or call (or text) 226-926-2395.

For reference, the next batch of pork will be available in October 2016 (but is almost all pre-ordered at this point).