Who would've thought that there were so many varieties of radishes?! Here are a few that are currently ready at Bee Loved Gardens, but there are several kinds & colours that are not represented here! radishes long

In case you are interested, here are the types of radishes in the photo above...

Left to Right: Alpine daikon; KN-Bravo lavender daikon; Shunkyo semi-long; Watermelon / Red Meat; Black Spanish; the round ones are are Pink Beauty, Rover, and Amethyst; the long red one with the white tip is D'Avignon

Radishes are a versatile vegetable, and very under-rated. Personally, I like them best when they are cooked. I had never considered cooking them until I came across a recipe for roasted radishes. I had to give them a try (but was very skeptical about how they would taste). I was instantly converted by their mellow, sweet-ish flavour!

Many people think of radishes as a Spring vegetable, but they are usually at their best in the Autumn. They thrive in the cooler autumn temperatures, and are less bothered by bugs than in the Spring. Hence, the abundance of lovely radishes right now!

radishes 2

Some recipe ideas:

Roasted Red Radishes

Roasted Black and Red Radishes

Chicken and Radish Salad

Black Radish and Potato Salad

Radishes with Tarragon Chive Butter

Warm Watermelon Radish Salad

Pickled Radishes (Naturally fermented in a salt brine. Amazing with garlic!) This works with all kinds of radishes, but it is very good with daikon radishes cut in sticks or round red radishes cut in half. Very pretty with the lavender daikon radishes.

Daikon radish kim chi, a traditional Asian staple. A deliciously complex flavour combination of spicy - sweet - salty - sour (but none of them stand out as the dominant flavour). Classic use for daikon radish. Make it in the fall and use it over the winter. One of my favourite ways to eat probiotics :)

Radishes can be enjoyed raw with creamy dips or hummus. They are also very tasty added to a stir-fry of other vegetables.

What are your favourite ways to enjoy radishes? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!