View of the Gardens (May 14)

It's time to start giving some regular updates on what is going on around here! I plan to do this about once a week, to give you a glimpse of the scenes on the farm. First of all, here is what it looks like inside the greenhouse:

inside greenhouse 140513

Quite a few plants have already graduated to the garden, and there are quite a few more that will be in here in a couple days (mostly melons and cucumbers).

A close-up of some of the trays of baby lettuce that will be planted in the garden this week:

lettuce trays 140513

Some very healthy rhubarb!

rhubarb 140513

Asparagus that is taking off due to the recent warmth and frequent showers:

asparagus 140513

The peas are doing very well:

rows of peas 140513

Close-up of the peas:

closeup pea plants 140513

Rows of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, parsley, and more:

rows in garden 140513

Rows of sweet corn!! This corn got an early start :)

sweetcorn 140512

Some of the potatoes are up, including this "Russian Blue":

russian blue potato plant 140513

Buds about to blossom on the apple trees:

apple buds 140513

The first cherry blossoms opened up yesterday:

first cherry blossoms 140513

Strawberries are blooming, and I planted quite a few new plants yesterday:

strawberry blossom 140513

I spent a day and a half in total fascination, watching chicks hatch in the incubator. An amazing process! It was hard to get any work done around here... it was too easy to spend all day watching them hatch. Here they are, all cute and fluffy:

chicks 140513

That's a sample of some of the great things happening here! Everything looks promising for a good season ahead...