View of the Gardens (May 22)

A lot has happened in the past week... indoor planting, pruning, weeding. In some ways, not a lot has happened. We've had quite a bit of rain, plus the day and night temperatures have been cooler, which means that everything is growing much slower than before. We even had a touch of frost 2 nights, which caused a scramble to cover the frost-sensitive plants in the garden. Here are the tomatoes, under cover:

tomato plants under cover

There are over 5 dozen tomato plants under there! Is anyone else as excited as I am about super-early heirloom tomatoes?

They're worth saving... they have buds on them already:

tomato buds

Speaking of buds, my sweet potatoes are growing ears!

sweet potato ears

Most of the sprouts are long enough to come off the sweet potatoes now, and I will put them in water to develop roots on the shoots. As you can see in the photo below, some of the shoots have roots already. In a couple weeks, the ground should be warm enough to plant these in the garden. I'm already looking forward to garden-fresh sweet potatoes this fall!

sweet potato with roots

These zucchini plants will go into the garden today. The greenhouse is bursting with plants... no room to put any more! The recent cool weather has delayed putting some of the plants in the ground. I'm hoping to get a lot planted today and tomorrow, which will then make room for more seedlings in the greenhouse.


A small mountain of aged mushroom compost was delivered this week. Any volunteers to help spread it? :)  This will be a good addition to the soil...

pile of mushroom compost

I'm looking forward to the warmer, sunnier, drier weather that's in the forecast for the next few days - I'll be working overtime planting seeds and seedlings in the garden.

It is late to be putting some of the crops in, but no farmers in this area have been able to get on the land yet because of the late, wet Spring. I'm fortunate that a bit of the ground I'm working with is sandier / faster-drying (or I wouldn't have any crops in yet either). I haven't been able to touch quite a bit of the ground yet; hopefully it will be dry enough to work by the end of the month.

If it really is warm and sunny for the next few days, I'll have a lot of photos of new growth to post next week!