Welcome to the Bee Loved Gardens blog! I am excited to launch this blog, and to share what is going on in the garden (and in the gardener’s mind). Right now my garden is covered in snow, but soon the shoots and sprouts of vegetables, herbs and flowers will be pushing through the soil.

I’ve spent the coldest, snowiest days of winter poring over seed catalogues and planning for the 2014 harvest. Now is the time for the first planting of the year: leeks. They are also one of the crops that will be in the ground the longest, hopefully still being harvested in December (and beyond)!

I have always loved to have my hands and feet in garden soil, and am continually fascinated with the unending beauties and marvels in the soil, plants, pollinators and even the pests. Those who have a love for gardening “in their blood” would understand that even a cold, snowy winter doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm for planning a garden. If anything, enthusiasm is intensified!

The list of produce I will grow this year is primarily composed of heirloom varieties of vegetables, melons and culinary herbs (plus some flowers for fun). I love the extra flavour and character in the heirloom vegetables – the only thing better than eating them myself is sharing them with others. I never get tired of hearing “Wow! These are the best tomatoes!” That stokes my excitement even more.

How to get great-tasting vegetables? It starts with choosing varieties that are known for their flavour. However, the most important factors are what the gardener / farmer does to increase the nutrients contained within the plants. High nutrient-density and great flavour go hand in hand. More to come on this topic…

In addition to this blog, I will be posting photos of current happenings on Instagram, and giving regular updates on Facebook. Stay tuned!