Winter Price List (Pasture-raised Pork)

Fresh pork is now available! We're very pleased to offer some new products this winter. We're working with some very talented butchers who know how to do justice to the quality pork we've raised! Everyone has been loving our sausages, bacon and hams... and we're now also offering pepperettes, pepperoni, peameal bacon, and Kielbasa & Polish sausages. We've sampled every one of the new items to verify the quality before we've made them available to you! :)

Pork is available in bundles, and also "by the cut" as per the list below. Place your order by filling in this order form. We'll get back to you shortly regarding your order.


  • All the sausages are gluten-free and MSG-free. They contain only our pork + the relevant spices. (The only exception: the Kielbasa contains wheat)
  • All the cured meats (such as bacon, ham, smoked sausages) are nitrate-free


FRESH CUTS (uncured)

Ground pork             $7.25/lb Loin Chops                $7.75/lb Shoulder chops         $7.25/lb Ribs                             $7.25/lb


Bacon                          $11.25/lb Side pork                    $8.25/lb  (this is un-cured bacon; delicious fried as-is, or let it sit in a salt-sugar-spice rub in the fridge for a couple days before cooking it) Peameal Bacon          $9.25/lb

Ham (cured)               $8.25/lb Un-cured ham roast $7.25/lb Loin roast                    $7.25/lb

SAUSAGES (all wheat-free, except Kielbasa)

BBQ Sausages             $8.50/lb (4 / pack)  ** See below for varieties Breakfast sausages     $9.75/lb (12 / pack) Kielbasa                        $11.25/lb (contains wheat) Polish                            $11.25/lb (wheat-free) Pepperoni                     $9.75/lb Pepperettes                  $11.25/lb


Fresh hocks                  $7.25/lb Smoked hocks             $8.25/lb Soup Bones                  $7.05/lb Trotters                         $6.75/lb Tails                               $6.75/lb Liver, Heart, Kidney  $6.75/lb

Lard                               $5.50/lb


** MILD BBQ sausages currently available: 

  • salt & pepper
  • spinach-feta
  • tomato-basil
  • mild Italian
  • garlic (with 20% organ meats - no detectable flavour of them)

** SPICY BBQ sausages currently available: (in order from least to most spicy)

  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Hot Italian
  • Chorizo
Prices are current as of Feb. 17, 2017

There is a very limited number of chicken pieces available from the fall + a couple whole chickens. Also a few whole ducks (3.5 - 5.5lbs) and some soup hens (they make the very best chicken soup!) Available on a first-reserved - first-served basis. Contact us for details.