Our Collaborations

As much as we’d love to produce every single crop here, we’ve found that it’s not feasible for a few reasons:

  • We have a limited amount of land to work with, and simply run out of space! Therefore, we’ve chosen to outsource some of the crops that take up the most space, such as squashes, melons, sweet corn and potatoes. We grow some of them here, and then, instead of having only enough to offer a couple times in the season, we bring in more from the other farmers (since we all want more succulent melons and sweet corn!)
  • Certain crops are not efficient to produce at our scale and with our equipment, so we’ve chosen to outsource these crops to farmers who have the proper equipment for those crops (e.g. sweet potatoes, potatoes). Since they can harvest them efficiently, it keeps the cost to the consumer at a reasonable level.
  • It’s a much more efficient use of our time and resources to focus on relatively fewer crops. (Having said that, we still grow dozens of different crops!)

We’ve thoroughly vetted the farms whose crops we buy, and have chosen to work with
those who use similar organic AND biological practices that we use here.
These crops are coming from a couple Amish farms near Aylmer.