Flower SHARES | 2019


Bundles of fresh, local, organically-grown flowers through the season. Adorn your home or office with vibrant bouquets each week.

Registration is now open for Spring & Summer 2019 Flower Shares! Details & link to subscribe are below.

Our Flower Shares are for flower lovers who want to enjoy local, beautiful blooms throughout the spring, summer and fall. Because your flowers come to you directly from our farm, you will receive the freshest blooms and a diversity that surpasses the standard grocery store or florist shop fare.

We gravitate towards blooms with unique colours, textures, and fragrance – and we’re sure that you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Check out our flower harvest calendar for some of the diversity that you can expect to receive this season.

What you get:

  • Weekly bouquet of seasonal flowers from our farm

  • Tips on caring for your flowers, to extend the vase life

  • Natural colours, chemical-free blooms, sweet fragrances


Our Flower Shares are available:

  • On the farm (near Iona Station / Shedden)

  • In London on Thursdays (Wortley Village)

We’ll deliver to a central pickup location in town, to save you the trip out to the farm (though… we hope you’ll come to see us here sometimes too!) We’ll set definite pickup times closer to the start of the harvest season.


Our members' feedback:

“It’s so nice to have flowers in the kitchen throughout the spring and summer. They really brighten the place up, and your flowers always last a long time.”

“They’re so cheery. In addition to my weekly bouquet, I like getting extra flowers every week to share with others. I love seeing how flowers lift their spirits.”

“I love how fresh your flowers are. They have a vibrance that imported flowers don’t have. It’s almost like they’re glowing.“


SPRING Flower Share:mid April to Late May

Satisfy your craving for colour and beauty at the end of a long winter! The first few bouquets will be filled with specialty tulips (peony-type, parrot tulips, and other fancy varieties), and then other early-Spring blooms will make an appearance in the bouquets.

6 weeks of the best of the Spring blooms.

Standard Bouquet: perfect for a kitchen, dining room table or office

Deluxe Bouquet: a statement bouquet for your home or office, or divide the blooms amongst a few vases

Peony Share: the month of June

Enjoy the peony season to its fullest, with 4 weeks of billowy peony bouquets!

Receive our premium blooms, with the coveted coral and deep red-burgundy peonies, as well as the classic whites, blushes and pinks. They’ll be paired with complementary late-spring blooms, to make some stunning bouquets.

Standard Bouquet: perfect for a kitchen, dining room table, or office

Deluxe Bouquet: a statement bouquet for your home or office, or divide the blooms amongst a few vases

SUMMER Flower Share: July & August

Zinnias, dahlias, lisianthus, snapdragons, sunflowers, and many more flowers will be featured in the Summer bouquets. Check out our flower harvest calendar for a sneak peek of some of the blooms you can expect to receive this summer!

8 weeks of incredible summer blooms.

Standard bouquet: perfect for a kitchen, dining room table or office

Deluxe Bouquet: a statement bouquet for your home or office, or divide the blooms amongst a few vases

DAHLIA SHARE: september

4 weeks of premium dahlias, at the prime of their season!

Gorgeous colours and textures, in a variety of shapes and sizes - sure to make you swoon each week.

[Registration for Dahlia Shares will open in the Summer]

Standard bouquet: perfect for a kitchen, dining room table, or office

Deluxe Bouquet: a statement bouquet for your home or office, or divide the blooms amongst a few vases


Gift a subscription...

...to a flower lover in your life!

If you’re ordering a Flower Share as a gift for someone, let us know that when you register, and we’ll include a hand-written card for the recipient.


Flower Shares are a form of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Consumers support a local farm and what it produces, by buying a share of the harvest early in the season. The farmer uses the advance funds as working capital for seed, supplies, repairs, and labour.

In return for the early-season support, the farmer prepares a share of the harvest (in this case: a bouquet of flowers) for members each week through the growing season. We add extra value to our Flower Shares, and reserve unique blooms and specialty flowers for our Flower Share members.




Flowers by the Bucket

Colour-coordinated combinations of flowers, with 7 – 10 bunches of flowers per bucket (~ 8 – 12 stems per bunch, depending on the variety).

Available on a weekly basis, or for special events, for you to design your own arrangements. We request a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice, with more notice being preferable.

We take requests for particular colours / palettes and types of flowers, but cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to meet the exact requests (due to factors beyond our control, namely: weather). We will fill your order, but may need to substitute other flowers or complementary colours, depending on what is harvestable in the field that week. We promise that you’ll receive beautiful flowers in a beautiful palette!

Flowers by the Bucket: $85 

Greens by the Bucket: $50 – 65, depending on varieties

Contact us to place an order for Flowers by the Bucket.

*Certain flowers are excluded from the “Flowers by the Bucket” package, and are priced by the stem: sunflowers, gladiolus, ranunculus, dahlias, roses, lisianthus, tulips, and peonies.


Floral Design Services

If you’re in need of arrangements for parties and events, or custom sympathy arrangements, we’d be happy to arrange the best blooms from our field for you.

Seasonally-inspired designs with our own flowers and foliage. We use unique blooms, beautiful colour palettes, and special touches with textured elements from our farm.

Please see our Weddings page for details on our floral services for weddings. We appreciate requests for wedding flowers as early in the year as possible, so that we can be sure to grow enough blooms for your chosen colour palette.



I’m loving the extra-large bouquet option. I’ve been splitting each bouquet into a few vases each week, so I can have flowers in the kitchen, the living room, at my desk, and by my bed.”

“My kids each take a flower from the bouquet every week to keep in a little vase by their bed. I didn’t realize how much it would mean to them! They don’t want to let the old ones go… the only way we can make it work is with the promise of a new flower when we pick up that week’s bouquet.