Seedlings & garden club | 2019


Healthy, vigorous, organically-grown seedlings will be available for your garden, with tips on how to care for your seedlings.

Most seedlings will be available mid to late May, with select seedlings also available mid-summer for autumn harvests.

Details are below the Garden Club info…



Who it’s for

The Garden Club is for people who are serious about growing some of their own food - whether a small or large garden; whether for strictly fresh summer produce or storage produce too; whether for a couple crops or a very diversified garden.

This program is for you, if:

  • You love the freshness of just-picked harvests, and enjoy the satisfaction of producing some of your own food

  • You want to involve your kids in the wonder of growing food

  • You want to learn more about how to grow healthier crops that taste better and are more resistant to pests & diseases

  • You don’t know where to start with choosing varieties of seeds, and you’re not sure what varieties will do well in this area, or how much space each crop requires

  • You value the therapeutic aspect of working outdoors, in the soil and fresh air


Gardening made simple and manageable!

Whether you’ve been overwhelmed with questions about gardening techniques and methods, or overwhelmed with weeds and bugs…

… you can learn methods to make gardening enjoyable and productive without spending all your free time trying to rescue your plants. 

You’ll learn the best of the methods we use here, and benefit from years of experimenting.

It’s the best of what I’ve learned over the years, dripped out to you through the season!



What you get

  • Weekly emails from mid-April to mid-October with tips for growing a garden organically

  • Invitation to an on-farm discussion on garden plans (get help with plans for your own garden; share plans and ideas with others); this event will be held at the end of April and is exclusive to Garden Club members

  • Explanation of simple, practical, proven methods for growing a successful garden

  • First dibs on seedlings


Investment: $65 for the season (~ $10 / month)

Fine print: the cost to join the Garden Club is the same at any point in the season,
because you will have access to all the information.
However, joining at the start of the season will give you the perk of having the info to act on throughout the season.


Comments from last year:

“The plants we got from your farm did so well here this summer. We’ve never grown such delicious peppers before. We need that variety again next year!”

“Thanks for growing the seedlings organically. I couldn’t find much selection of organic seedlings elsewhere, and I was so happy to find such a wide variety of plants at your farm.”

“This was our first year to have a garden that produced much, and I couldn’t believe how much the kids enjoyed it! They were out there every day, eating tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and whatever else, right off the plants. No trouble getting them to eat their vegetables this summer! The landscape fabric you helped us with made all the difference for us. I can’t believe how easy it was to garden with it, and we hardly had to pull a single weed the whole season!”


Some of the information you’ll receive:

  • Tips on starting seeds indoors

  • Sample garden plans for maximizing your garden area & spacing various crops

  • How to grow healthier crops with simple foliar sprays and effective homemade fertilizers for the soil (and a few tips on using homeopathy for plants)

  • When to plant seeds for crops that should be directly planted in the soil

  • How to prune tomatoes, and simple methods of trellising tomatoes & other crops

Additional tips:

  • How to tell when crops are ready to harvest

  • How and when to plant seeds and seedlings for extended harvests in the fall

  • How to make nutrient-based foliar sprays for repelling pests

  • Simple methods for regenerating soil, and increasing biological activity (aka: life in the soil)

  • Techniques to minimize weeding and in-season maintenance


seedlings | 2019

Once again, premium seedlings will be available in the late Spring. The focus is on the most popular seedling crops, so if there’s something in particular that you’re looking for and it’s not on this list - feel free to get in touch… because there’s a good chance these seedlings are being grown here for farm or personal use, and can be made available to you.

Seedlings that will be Available:

  • Tomatoes (various heirlooms, cherry tomatoes, blight-resistant tomatoes, and paste tomatoes)

  • Sweet and hot peppers

  • Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower

  • Cucumbers, zucchini, winter squash, melons

  • Lettuce, kale, chard

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Herbs

  • Assorted annual flowers


  • Grown with organic potting mix, worm castings, and organic nutrition for vigorous, hearty plants (experience the difference this makes!)

  • Delicious varieties of vegetables that you can’t find elsewhere - yum!

What you also get:

  • Basic tips on caring for your plants, in printed form and blog posts

  • Opportunity to ask questions in-person when you pick up your plants

For more comprehensive info, and gardening support through the season, join the Garden Club!



Thanks for the tips on when to plant carrots. We always thought we could only plant them in the spring, but since we planted them a few times this year, we were able to harvest them through the summer and into the fall.”

”This is a steal for all the info included. I have a lot more confidence for my garden this year, knowing I have this resource through the season.”

“We used your tutorial to prune our tomatoes this year. Game-changer! We’ve always just used those tomato cages and had tomato jungles that we couldn’t manage. It was actually a pleasure to look after our tomatoes this year, and we harvested more tomatoes than ever. (We even had enough to can some of them for the first time!)”

”Wow! The tomatoes we got from you have been the healthiest plants and the most productive tomatoes we’ve ever grown. We couldn’t believe the difference. We could tell from the start that the plants were in good shape, but they really went above and beyond throughout the season!”

In general, your gardening tips have changed almost everything in the way we garden. We spent a lot less time in the garden this year, but we harvested a lot more produce, and the quality is a lot better too. We actually enjoyed our garden this year! We look forward to trying the methods for getting earlier and later harvests next year.