Garden workshops

We’ll make gardening easy and enjoyable for you, by teaching some of the most important techniques that can make the difference between success and failure. A healthy, thriving garden is possible, without a huge investment into time and error.



Extend your Gardening Season

With some simple protection, a variety of frost-hardy vegetables can be planted in April to yield extra-early harvests. We’ll show you a couple of low-cost, low-tech designs that will enable you to get an early start to your gardening season!

April 28, 10am – 11am

Techniques to Suppress Weeds and Retain Moisture in your Garden

Mulching is one of the best practices that a gardener can adopt, for suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, enhancing microbial activity in the soil, promoting plant growth… as well as several other benefits.

We’ll show you some of the most effective mulching techniques that will save you hours of time through the gardening season, and make gardening so much more enjoyable. We’ll give some comparisons of the pros and cons of different mulching systems, and give some detail on our favourite methods at the farm.

May 26, 10am – 11am


September – Seed-saving workshop

Explore the world of seed-saving, learning basic techniques for selecting plants to set seed, and basic harvesting and processing skills.


October – Season Extension in your Garden

Learn how to keep harvesting from your garden until the end of the year (and beyond!). We’ll show you simple, effective methods of extending your gardening season, so that you can enjoy fresh-picked, tasty produce into the winter months.