April Seedlings

The first round of seedlings in this year's Seedling Share will be ready for pickup on the weekend of April 27 / 28 or May 3 / 4 / 5.

Due to the extended season of cold and cloudy weather that we had in March and early to mid April, the seedlings grew a bit slower than usual. Therefore, some of them are a bit smaller than they would otherwise be (and some are larger than usual!) ... they are all strong, healthy, and ready to grow!

I usually harden off seedlings before selling them. In other words, I gradually acclimate them to life outdoors by gradually exposing them to wind, full sun, etc. Due to their slower growth, these have not been hardened off yet, and should be gradually accustomed to wind and sun before planting directly in the garden. By the weekend of May 4 / 5, they will be hardened off.

If you will be planting your seedlings under some type of protective cover (such as row cover), they will not require hardening off.

Spring seedlings will thrive if given protection from the wind and from temperature extremes. On the farm, we use row cover, which can be used in home gardens too. It's a lightweight translucent fabric that allows water and air to freely pass through, but provides protection from the elements.

I strongly suggest some type of wind protection for your seedlings - but they may not need it if you're growing in a sheltered area.

Frost protection is also recommended for certain crops. They can usually handle some light frost, but will do better with a bit of protection.

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Check the boxes below for the seedlings you'd like to receive. If you'd like more than one pack of a certain type of seedling, please note that in the text box below the list. A "multi-pack" has multiple plants in each cell; for example, a multi-pack of 6 sugar snap peas has several plants per cell & each cell should be transplanted as-is, with the full clump of plants (not broken apart).
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I have a curated selection of high quality seeds available, for crops that can be direct-seeded into the garden. They are all $3.50 each; they are an "add-on" to the cost of the seedlings. * Check the blog with seed-starting dates to know when each type of seed can be planted.
If you'd like more than 1 pack of any of the above seeds, please note that here: