May Seedlings

Seedlings are available many places in the Spring - you don’t have to buy them here! And, maybe you’ve started some of your own, which is awesome.

Here’s what will be available here:

Seedlings, grown from mostly organic seeds, grown in organic potting soil, with organic amendments (ie, worm castings, minerals).

Vibrant, healthy plants, ready to take off in your garden.

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Greens, in packs of 6
Tomatoes are in packs of 6. Choose full packs of one type, or mix and match varieties for a custom pack of 6.
Leave a note here, if you'd like to mix & match a variety pack, and any other detail on your tomatoes. $28 / full tray (36) of slicing, cherry or paste tomatoes; $32 / full tray of blight-resistant tomatoes
Peppers are in full packs of 6 for $3. Mix and match for $4/6.
Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts
Packs of 6 plants
Leave a note here, if you'd like to mix & match any types of broccoli or cabbage
Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Melons
All packs of cucurbits are $3/6. If you do not require a full pack of 6, you can either: a) mix and match for a full pack of anything in this group for $4/6 b) individual seedlings in this group are $1 each
Leave a note here if you'd like to mix & match different types of squash, zucchini, etc
For example, would you like more than 1 pack of any of the above seedlings? If so, list them here:
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