There’s been a lot of discussion over the last few months about group buys and how to go ahead with them.

Here are a few of my thoughts; let’s brainstorm together, and flesh out the possibilities!

Also, I’d like to try out this method of communicating… it’s a page on the website, not linked anywhere in the website, so it’s kind of like a private blog post.

I’m wondering if this will work for communication amongst several people, on a particular topic. As long as you have the link, you can check out the page any time, leave a comment, read comments from others (and reply), etc.

So - try it out, and leave a comment below, and let’s see how this works! If it works, it’s something to consider continuing until I find a better option to a private facebook group (since not everyone is on facebook).

Group Buys (2019)

It turns out, that with all things considered, it will work better to do group buys among a few / several friends, as personal transactions.

Two things to give feedback on:

  1. What types of items would you be interested in purchasing as a group?
    (To receive access to items that aren’t accessible to most on an individual basis, to receive [in some cases] a more economical price point, and / or to make it more convenient to access high quality goods (eg, one person make the drive for orders for several people)

    Here’s a list of potential items, for starters:

    • Palatine fruit… peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, apples, etc

    • organic herbs and spices

    • organic nuts & seeds

    • organic storage crops in the fall

    • organic crops for preserving / processing (eg tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc, etc - list specifics, if this interests you)

    • organic butter

    • goods from Hope Eco Farm store (eg, cheese, flour, summer sausage, etc)

    • other organic foods / ingredients… eg apple cider vinegar, olive oil, what else?

    • pastured meats from local farms

    • fermented cod liver oil

    • non-gmo livestock feed (eg for chickens, rabbits, pigs)

    • day-old chicks from Performance Poultry (a hatchery in Prince Edward County with a wide variety of day old poultry and specialty types - best option here is likely to place individual orders for the same pickup date, and one person drives to get them)

    • what else?

  2. What level of involvement would you be able to / want to commit to?

The reason I ask about this is because it takes a considerable amount of time to organize the group buys, plus driving to pick up orders (or handling the delivery), tracking and handling payments, sorting orders, storing the orders until pickup, being on hand for others picking up their orders, etc, etc.

A couple options (and there are likely other options too!)

  • Everyone participating in the group buys takes turns coordinating an order / picking up an order / sorting orders / helping with an order in some way, etc. If this is the case, we could potentially keep most things at cost (as long as there would be some way of splitting the workload relatively / somewhat evenly).

  • One (or two) people organize all the group buys, with a small percentage or flat fee added to each person’s order to contribute towards the time involved (or a gift per order for the organizer, eg something you’ve produced / made)

    • this is different than the cost for postage / mileage / etc, which would be split amongst all participants of the order, according to the amount ordered

  • What other options should be considered?

Comment below with your thoughts!

Feel free to add suggestions for potential items to consider purchasing as a group. Also, if you have questions, ask them here too - as others likely have similar questions.