Homeopathy Classes


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If you’ve wanted to get off the hamster wheel of ear infections / sore throats —> antibiotics —> repeat…

Or boost your family’s immunity so that you’re not dealing with constant colds and sickness all winter…

Or, heal the effects of antibiotics, reverse food intolerances, treat allergies, and behaviour issues…

Practical homeopathy is the answer!

Homeopathy fills a gap that herbs, supplements, restrictive diets, and other modalities can’t fill… and as such, is a great complement to other natural healing methods.

Best of all, you can learn this yourself!

This intro series will give you the knowledge and confidence to begin using homeopathy right away, and you’ll receive the foundation for advancing to more in-depth topics (if you wish… topics such as healing all types of gut issues, learning effective alternatives for antibiotics for almost any kind of infection, resolving women’s health issues, etc)

This introductory series is based on the curriculum of Joette Calabrese, a renowned homeopath in the US. She’s pulled together a very effective system that can be learned relatively easily by those who wish to be empowered to take care of their own health, and the health of their family and pets.

Check out some testimonials.

Date: this series will not be offered this fall / winter. It may be offered again in the future; currently, we are focusing on other workshops and farm projects.

Each student must also purchase their own copy of the curriculum from the creator of the course, Joette Calabrese.

*Purchasing the curriculum (a rich source of information in itself) also gives you access to the student portal, with videos and additional notes to accompany the hard copy of the curriculum. With a verified purchase of the curriculum, you’ll receive discount codes for purchasing homeopathic remedies, and accesss to Joette’s in-depth classes - which are incredible sources of information that teach you how to treat many chronic health issues in your family.

*There is also an option for an extra class at the end of the series that will be a group consultation / discussion with Joette; this possibility will be discussed early in the series of classes.

Gateway to Homeopathy II is now available, and is open exclusively to those who’ve completed Gateway to Homeopathy I. (The full details for Gateway II are at the top right of the page when you log in to your Gateway I portal.)

This 4-week series will cover the following topics:

  1. How to select remedies, and how to use a repertory & materia medica to find remedies for any symptom / condition

  2. How to use cell salts (ie homeopathic minerals) to treat a very wide variety of acute and chronic symptoms

  3. Treating colds, flu & seasonal allergies

  4. Treating emergencies / first aid: more in-depth than in Gateway to Homeopathy I.


I was skeptical at first but I knew that there had to be a better way to treat my family of 5 (soon to be 6) for common ailments at home. Also, I’d been praying for answer to my own chronic health issues and homeopathy has given me so much hope when all seemed lost. I’ve already experienced some real “wins” with homeopathy and I’m looking forward to more advanced successes. This course gave me a solid foundation for learning about homeopathy. I’m excited to learn much more through Joette’s other courses.