Homeopathy Classes


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Learn how to use this safe and very effective natural medicine to treat common symptoms and conditions in yourself, your family and your pets.

This is an introductory series designed to teach the basics of Practical Homeopathy. It’s created by Joette Calabrese, a renowned homeopath in the US. 

We’re following her curriculum, which is an 8-week series of classes covering comprehensive detail on the basics of safely using homeopathy. You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to start learning the remedies right away.

Practical Homeopathy is much simpler and more applicable to everyday life than Classical Homeopathy, enabling you to successfully treat some of the most common ailments such as ear infections, strep throat, bladder infections, injuries, and so much more. 

This course lays the foundation to go deeper into Practical Homeopathy if you wish: into treating chronic health conditions, and a vast number of acute conditions.

This information will be distilled and made easy to learn, and the group setting and discussion aids in getting a solid grasp on the basics.

*Monday March 5 – April 23

*Registration is now closed for the Spring series; this series will be offered again this fall.


I was skeptical at first but I knew that there had to be a better way to treat my family of 5 (soon to be 6) for common ailments at home. Also, I’d been praying for answer to my own chronic health issues and homeopathy has given me so much hope when all seemed lost. I’ve already experienced some real “wins” with homeopathy and I’m looking forward to more advanced successes. This course gave me a solid foundation for learning about homeopathy. I’m excited to learn much more through Joette’s other courses.