Kitchen workshops

Traditional skills for modern lives. 

Come to a hands-on workshop, and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in. Learn new skills by doing, and we’ll teach you the methods that are used here – to save yourself the trial and error and waste of learning new skills on your own.

Leave with a printed handout of notes on the topics we covered in the workshop, starters for your own ferments, and the product that you made in the workshop.

Dates for workshops in 2019 will be posted shortly.



Sourdough Bread

A hands-on workshop, starting with caring for a sourdough starter (including some hard-won tips for minimizing time & mess!), to making a basic sourdough loaf.

Take home some sourdough starter for your own baking adventures, as well as the bread dough that you make in the workshop (to bake at home).

You’ll receive tips for long fermentation, how to fit bread-making into a busy schedule, how to make whole-grain sourdough, and interesting ways to use sourdough bread.

You’ll also receive a printed handout of tips & recipes.



Fermented Dill pickles

Arguably the best pickles around!

Learn how to successfully ferment pickles at home, and enjoy your mouth-watering summer creations all year.

Prep a jar or two of pickles in the class, and receive tips on how to ensure proper fermentation, how to keep pickles crisp, and how to change up the flavours.

Fermented Winter Veggies

Fermenting isn’t only for the summer! Learn how to ferment winter produce for season-appropriate probiotics (and yummy flavours).

We’ll make 3 ferments: with winter squash, brussels sprouts, and daikon radishes (they’re totally changed for the better when they’re fermented!).

Take home a jar of each of the brined vegetables to finish fermenting at home, as well as a handout with tips and recipes.





A hands-on workshop, teaching you how to transform cabbage into delicious, probiotic-rich kraut.

You’ll receive tips for ensuring the success of your kraut (and how to know when it’s ready to eat), and get some ideas for a few variations for interesting flavor combos.

Prep a jar or two of kraut in the class to finish fermenting at home, and take home a printed handout of tips and recipes for more delicious sauerkraut.

Kim Chi

This umami-rich, full-flavoured condiment is one of the most popular ferments! It’s easy to make at home, where you have control over the ingredients and the spiciness of your batch.

Learn how to make kim chi with natural sweeteners (from fruit instead of sugar), and take home your creation from the class.

fermented pepper sauce

The secret to the traditional method of making hot sauce is in the fermenting. This process brings out depths and layers of flavour that aren’t possible in vinegar-based sauces.

Make a large jar of pepper sauce in the class - your choice of sweet, spicy or very spicy! Then, take it home to finish the fermenting magic in your kitchen… where the hardest part will be waiting for it to mature.

Fermented hot sauce has a very long shelf life (when refrigerated), and the flavours deepen over time.

Receive a base recipe in the class, with tips on how to customize your sauces to your personal taste.


I tried to make sauerkraut a few times, but it never worked. Then, one time it seemed to work, but I was scared to eat it, not knowing what to look for. I didn’t know it was safe or not. I really appreciate what we learned in the class, and getting to see what everything should look and smell like to be safe. I just finished making my first batch on my own, and it feels so good to have mastered it!