subscription for weekly FLOWER bouquets on the Farm

Come pick up your beautiful flowers right here on the farm, near Iona Station.

Name *
Spring Flower Shares, month of May
4 weeks of beautiful spring blooms, during the month of May
Peony Shares, month of June
Enjoy the best of the fragrant, billowy peonies for the month of June. They will be paired with complementary seasonal flowers to complete the bouquets.
Summer Flower Shares, July & August *
Receive a fresh, luscious bouquet each week through the height of the summer, featuring the best of the summer blooms. Please note: there are actually 9 weeks of flower deliveries in July & August; this registration is for 8 weeks of flowers, which means you can choose your own vacation week. If you know in advance when you'll be away, feel free to mention it in the Comments section below.
Enjoy the star performers of the early fall season, with straight bunches of premium dahlias, and dahlias complemented with other fall blooms. Registration for Dahlia Shares will open in the Summer.
Membership Agreement *
The membership agreement is found at: https://www.beelovedgardens.com/member-agreement
Method of Payment *
Payment is due upon registration, to reserve your Flower Shares. Any payments not received within 10 days of registration will void the registration, and the Flower Shares will be opened up to others.