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Come pick up your produce and flowers right here on the farm!

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Select from the options below for produce and flowers in Spring (May to early June) and Summer (late June to early October) and seedlings. Details for each option are on the Vegetable Share, Flower Share and Seedling Share pages.
High Summer Flower Share: mid July to mid September, 8 weeks
High Summer Vegetable Share: mid July to mid September; 8 weeks
Payment in full, OR deposit of 50%, is due within 7 days of signup. If paying with a deposit, the balance is due by July 15, or any time prior. Payments not received within 7 days of registration will be subject to interest at $5 per week, beginning the week after registration. Our receipt of your payment secures your Share(s) for the season. Up-front payments in full are greatly appreciated, to contribute to the growing expenses for seed, supplies, soil amendments, labour, etc.
If paying by installments, please include a post-dated cheque with the balance, when you send your deposit.
I have read agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the Members Agreement *
* see www.beelovedgardens.com/2018-member-agreement