Seedling Shares | 2018


Healthy, organically-grown seedlings, from early spring to mid-summer, with tips through the season on how to grow better plants, and how to maximize your harvests while minimizing your time and effort.

Note: details for 2019 seedlings will be posted shortly

Who it’s for

This Seedling Share is for people who are serious about growing some of their own food. It can also be integrated with the Vegetable Share program: grow some of your food, and fill in the rest of your grocery needs through the Vegetable Share program.

This program is for you, if:

  • You don’t have an ideal setup to grow your own robust seedlings

  • You enjoy the satisfaction of producing some of your own food

  • You want to involve your kids in the wonder of growing food

  • You want to learn more about how to grow healthier crops that taste better and are more resistant to pests & diseases

  • You don’t know where to start with choosing varieties of seeds, and you’re not sure what varieties will do well in this area

  • You value the therapeutic aspect of working outdoors, in the soil


Whether you’ve been overwhelmed with questions about gardening techniques and methods, or overwhelmed with weeds and bugs… we’d like to show you a way to make gardening enjoyable and productive without spending all your free time trying to rescue your plants. 

We’ll be telling you about some of the methods we use here, so that you don’t have to waste time experimenting on your own.



What you get

  • 4 installments of seedlings, once a month, from late April to July

  • Seedlings ready for your garden at the appropriate times through the season

  • Full choice of which plants you receive (or, we will happily prepare a mixed flat for you), so you can mix and match according to what you like to eat. Check out this partial list of what will be available, as well as our Seedling Calendar.


Comments from last year:

“The plants we got from your farm did so well here this summer. We’ve never grown such delicious peppers before. We need that variety again next year!”

“Thanks for growing the seedlings organically. I couldn’t find much selection of organic seedlings elsewhere, and I was so happy to find such a wide variety of plants at your farm.”

“This was our first year to have a garden that produced much, and I couldn’t believe how much the kids enjoyed it! They were out there every day, eating tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and whatever else, right off the plants. No trouble getting them to eat their vegetables this summer! The landscape fabric you helped us with made all the difference for us. I can’t believe how easy it was to garden with it, and we hardly had to pull a single weed the whole season!”



Mini Plot: For those with limited space (10’ x 10’ or less), wanting to grow as much food as possible

15 packs / pots of plants per month, April to July

Family Garden: For families wanting to eat a large portion of their produce from their garden through the summer

35 packs / pots of plants per month, April to July

* With both sizes of Seedling Shares, you can purchase additional plants any month at a 5% discount, to fill your available space and provide ample harvests for preserving for the fall and winter.


Benefits of the Seedling Share program

Grow a greater diversity in your garden without having to buy lots of packets of seed

Get your garden off and running with high quality, organically-grown seedlings

Full choice of plants, to mix and match according to what you like to eat


Information you’ll receive:

Seedling Share members will have access to a private members’ area of our website, where you can post questions and access the resources that we post. Some of the topics that we’ll cover:

  • How to minimize weed pressure

  • How to grow healthier crops

  • How to maximize your garden area & space your various crops

  • How to tell when crops are ready to harvest

  • When to plant seeds for crops that should be directly planted in the soil

  • How to prune tomatoes and simple methods of trellising

Seedlings will be available at the times it’s appropriate to plant each crop. Several of the crops (such as broccoli, beans, lettuce, cabbage, etc) will be available as seedlings more than once, to spread out your harvests over the summer.


Also available through the season:

Seedlings in August, to extend your harvests into the late fall and early winter

Curated selection of seeds for direct-seeded crops

Select fruit plants / shrubs

Workshops on season extension techniques and other topics



Thanks for the tips on when to plant carrots. We always thought we could only plant them in the spring, but since we planted them a few times this year, we were able to harvest them through the summer and into the fall.”

“We used your tutorial to prune our tomatoes this year. Game-changer! We’ve always just used those tomato cages and had tomato jungles that we couldn’t manage. It was actually a pleasure to look after our tomatoes this year, and we harvested more tomatoes than ever. (We even had enough to can some of them for the first time!)