produce | 2019


Organically-grown produce, direct from our farm. Food with nutritional integrity, fresh, full of flavour and vitality. 

This year, our produce will be available on a weekly basis, beginning in early May.

Instead of a full-fledged Vegetable Share (as in the past), the focus will be on the most popular crops.

How it works

  1. Register for your Produce Credit, in $100 increments ($100, $200, $300, $400, $500… your choice)

  2. Payment can be made by etransfer, cheque or cash

  3. Receive 5% bonus credit, with payment by April 20

  4. Come to the farm stand throughout the season (or pre-order for pickup in London), and choose anything you’d like: vegetables, seedlings, flowers; the credit applies to any physical product at the farm stand. A “Box of the Week” will always be available - and you’ll receive advance email notification of what’s in that box.

  5. The value of each week’s purchase is taken off your tab [which will be updated on the spot]; your tab can be topped up if you run out part way through the growing season


The Produce Credits and Salad Shares are sold out.

However! There will be some extra produce available at the farm stand.

Sign up below to be notified when there are extras available at the farm stand.



  • First dibs on all salad fixings, including specialty items and newly-in-season crops

  • Come to the farm stand without having to carry cash or pay by e-transfer every week

  • Flexibility

    • to choose exactly which items you’d like to receive, and in what quantities

    • to not have to worry about re-scheduling a pickup if you’re away

    • to pick up more produce, if you have visitors or want to preserve for the winter

  • Secure your source of very fresh, high-quality produce, direct from a farm

  • Have a say in what produce is available for the growing season (the sooner the better for putting your word in for a particular crop!)

  • Bonus 5% credit, with payment made by April 20, which can be used for any farm product of your choice!

fine print

The full value of your tab must be used in 2019; any remaining balances will be used for farm infrastructure projects (but: we will be in touch about any remaining balances well before the end of the year)

The 5% bonus credit will be applied to all payments made by April 20, 2019


Comments from last year:

“I can put my mind at ease, knowing that I’m going to have a fridge full of tasty produce!”

“I love not having to think about groceries. So far, we’ve loved everything, including vegetables we thought we didn’t like, before we tried them from your farm.”

“Eating your salad greens has changed my view of vegetables forever. They redefine ‘fresh’ and ‘delicious salads’.”


what’s available

The most popular produce, including:

  • baby lettuce mix, spinach, micro salad mix

  • heirloom tomatoes & cherry tomatoes

  • cucumbers (salad cucumbers & pickling cucumbers)

  • sweet peppers (and some hot peppers)

  • kale, Swiss chard, bok choy

  • garlic

  • fresh herbs

Also, watch for seasonal produce, such as asparagus in spring, and a variety of yummy produce that matures in the fall!

PICK UP details

Our produce [and flowers] will be available:

  • On the farm, near Iona Station / Shedden

    • fully stocked on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, beginning early May

    • select items stocked for the remainder of the week

  • London: Thursday afternoons, beginning in May, in Wortley Village

Steps to register

  1. Fill in & submit the Registration form (registration opens on April 5, 2019)

  2. Send your payment to secure your credit

  3. Add our email address to your “approved” folder (check your spam or promotions folder if you don’t see our email in your inbox within 24 hours of registering)



We really look forward to your produce each week. Everything tastes better. It’s so fresh, and we appreciate the care and approach that goes into growing this organic produce. It’s a win-win, because at the same time, we’re supporting local farmers preserving a better way of life.”

“We like the opportunity to try new vegetables that we might not otherwise try. So far, we’ve loved everything, and it really helps to get some recipe ideas and cooking tips for the new vegetables.”

“We love the meal tips. We get stuck in a rut with the kinds of meals we eat, and it helps to get new recipe ideas.”

“We’ve been feeling so much better since eating your produce. We enjoyed the extra flavour of your vegetables right from the start, but after a while we started to realize that we had more energy and felt better after meals. We’re hooked on these vegetables now – we can’t go back.