Vegetable SHARES | 2018


Note: details for 2019 will be posted soon

Organically-grown produce, direct from a local farm. Food with nutritional integrity, fresh, full of flavour and vitality. 

And with it: support to easily turn your weekly produce into delicious meals. Your farmer (who loves and understands “real food”) will provide:

  • Recipes

  • Cooking tips

  • Storage tips

  • Practical ways to fit home-prepared, nourishing meals into your busy schedule

  • Our best tips for getting picky eaters to willingly eat more vegetables!


Comments from last year:

“I can put my mind at ease, knowing that I’m going to have a fridge full of tasty produce!”

“I love not having to think about groceries. We like the weekly mix with lots of staple vegetables, and occasionally something new to try.”

“We like the ability to customize our box, and the variety that we get to choose from each week.”

“It’s so convenient to get all of our produce (plus some other groceries) in one place, and the fact that it’s all grown without chemicals takes away our worry about what’s in our food.”



This year's core offering is a Vegetable Share, based on the most popular produce here. It’s a smaller pre-packed box than we’ve offered in previous years, so that you have more flexibility to add other types of produce each week that specifically meet your family’s needs.

What You Get With a Vegetable Share:

  • 6 weekly boxes in the Spring // 16 weekly boxes in the Summer, with seasonal, delicious salad greens, bunched greens and a couple of the most popular vegetables at that point in the season (eg, asparagus in the spring, heirloom tomatoes & cherry tomatoes in the summer)

  • Option to add on other produce each week (paid monthly through the season, to lower your up-front cost)

  • First dibs on all other farm-produced goods

  • Option to add on the best fruits, meats, cheese, flour, etc that we can source (on a monthly basis)

  • Access to a private members’ area on our website, for recipes, tips and support

  • Invitation to a farm Open House in the summer



Will you be on vacation during the summer? Wondering what happens if you forget to pick up your box? How much food is in a box? What kinds of vegetables will be available? The exact dates your produce will be ready?

Those questions (and more) are answered on our Vegetable Share FAQ page.


Our Vegetable Shares can be picked up at 4 locations:

  • On the farm (near Iona Station / Shedden) Friday afternoon and Saturday morning

  • St. Thomas: tentatively Saturday morning

  • London: tentatively Thursday afternoon

  • Kilworth: tentatively Thursday afternoon

We’ll deliver to a central pickup location in town, to save you the trip out to the farm (though… we hope you’ll come to see us here sometimes too!) Home delivery is also an option - learn more about our delivery zones here. We’ll set definite pickup times closer to the start of the harvest season.


Length of our seasons:

Spring: early May to mid June (6 weeks)

Summer: late June to early October (16 weeks)

High Summer: mid-July to mid-September (8 weeks)

Wondering what kinds of vegetables you’ll receive through the season? Check out the harvest calendar for an overview of the produce we’re planning to harvest this year.


Steps to register for your produce:

  1. Choose your pickup location

  2. Choose your Share type(s), and submit the Registration form

  3. Send your deposit or payment to secure your share

  4. Add our email address to your “approved” folder (check your spam or promotions folder if you don’t see our email in your inbox within a few hours)



We really look forward to the Vegetable Share each week. Everything tastes better. It’s so fresh, and we appreciate the care and approach that goes into growing this organic produce. It’s a win-win, because at the same time, we’re supporting local farmers preserve a better way of life.”

“We like the opportunity to try new vegetables that we might not otherwise try. So far, we’ve loved everything, and it really helps to get some recipe ideas and cooking tips for the new vegetables.”

“We love the meal tips. We get stuck in a rut with the kinds of meals we eat, and it helps to get new recipe ideas.”

“We’ve been feeling so much better since eating your produce. We enjoyed the extra flavour of your vegetables right from the start, but after a while we started to realize that we had more energy and felt better after meals. We’re hooked on these vegetables now – we can’t go back.


We’re offering some extras!

All Vegetable Share members will have access to a private area on our website where we’ll post recipes, food prep tips, cooking tips and other helpful hints that are relevant to what you’re receiving from us that week.
You can ask questions, post your own recipe successes and meal-planning tips, and see what others are doing with their weekly produce. It’s kind of like a private Facebook group, only it’s on our website.

For those who sign up for both a Spring AND Full Summer Share, AND, if we receive your full payment by March 10th, you’ll receive a bonus Share mid-June (which is the week between the Spring and Full Summer seasons).


More FAQ

How do you know if this (or any) CSA / Vegetable Share program is right for you? It’s not for everyone. Read about what makes a family or household a good fit for a CSA / Vegetable Share program.

Or, if you’d like to know more about the nitty-gritty of how it all works, read about how a CSA / Vegetable Share program works.

Most of the produce that you’ll receive in your Vegetable Share is grown at Bee Loved Gardens. A few crops will be sourced from another local, organic farm that is using similar biological and regenerative growing practices as we use here. We’re very satisfied with the quality of what they’re producing, and the collaboration helps us all: farmers and consumers alike. More about our collaborations here. 

If you have any questions, get in touch! Call during business hours, or send an email and we’ll get back to you within a day.